45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul

45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul

The term “self-care” seems to have disappeared in our busy world. A healthy mind is the one that is free of any tension and pressure. Also, a healthy body can fit enough to tackle challenges in daily life, while a healthy soul is a combination of the two. Self-care is a daily process. Here’s a list of 45 simple self-care practices to keep you healthy.

For A Healthy Mind

  • Positive environment- Try to be with a positive company.
  • Appreciation- appreciate little things about yourself.
  • Habits- good habits makes a person healthy.
  • Do what you like- Anything that includes music, a TV show, a movie or more.
  • Pending work- backlogs create pressure. 
  • Meditation- a sure shot plan for mind relaxation.
  • Go for a walk- walk whenever you feel to change the environment.
  • See clouds- it is like meditation just with eyes open.
  • Visit places- a party, a disco, or even a bar that cheers you up.
  • Power naps- take small power naps.
  • Get rid of negative people from your social life- Facebook, Twitter or any other, get rid of them.
  • Share- your feelings, problems, with one whom you love.
  • Unplug- try getting away from mails and phones for an hour.
  • Something out of the way- For example take a different route to the office.
  • Observe- observe and appreciate smaller things in life like the sound of birds chirping, tall trees with green leaves.

Healthy Body

  • Breath deep- it relaxes your body and makes the cells work more efficiently.
  • Exercise- the best way to be physically fit.
  • Walk- walking while you go to the office or at work makes both mind and body fit.
  • Start sleeping well- the most common reason for unfitness is lack of proper sleep.
  • Eat- eat at a regular time interval and eat well.
  • Stay clean- personal hygiene is a must.
  • Check-up- a regular health check-up keeps you aware of your fitness. 
  • Drink lots of water- keeps you hydrated and helps your body to function properly.
  • Say no to toxicity- alcohol, tobacco, not only makes you unfit but sometimes may even ruin your social life.
  • Care of skin- start using moisturizers and essential oils.

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  • Sunlight- a rich source of vitamin and heat. 
  • Laughter- is the best medicine.
  • Sit back and relax- get some time to sit and relax.
  • Dress cleanly- boosts your confidence and makes you hygienic.
  • Dance- whenever you feel dance to your beat.

For Your Soul

  • Look differently – apply this everywhere and get surprised.
  • Do good – everything good you do makes your soul happy.
  • Be satisfied – once you are satisfied your soul is too.
  • Peace- that is all your soul wants.
  • Relax and enjoy – life is all about it.
  • Friend- your best buddy makes your soul happy.
  • Get a pet- one who always listens.
  • Explore yourself- appreciate your beauty.
  • A self-date- always useful to spend time with yourself.
  • Help- do and get even small ones.
  • Spa and massages- relax and let your soul relax too.
  • Write down – the best way to express.
  • Talk to yourself- who understands you better than you.
  • Twist your life little- change something from daily life.
  • Positive feedback- start getting them, even small ones.

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45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul
45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul

Conclusion: Simple Self-Care Practices

Lastly, in this world where no one has time for others, you, my friend, can keep yourself healthy. And that’s most important, as it is well said: “Health is wealth.”

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