A Review Of Seven Stars Holistic Healing Center

7 stars holistic healing center

It is run by Dr. Lynn Stewart with a medical background. The clinic offers a variety of health care services that include but are not limited to, general medical procedures, alternative treatments and herbal remedies. 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center offers two locations – one at the town of Richmond and one at the town of Hanley. This article will look at both locations and review what they have to offer.

About The Richmond Town

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The town of Richmond is located in the Washington County area of Virginia and is an hour and a half drive from Washington, D.C. If you are in need of urgent or specialty medical care, it is highly recommended that you travel this far to receive expert treatment. The Richmond area has many talternative healing centers, such as the 7-Star Holistic Healing Center, so it is no surprise that the dispensary team has decided to set up their own facility. This new facility is a joint venture between the dispensary team and a company called Potentials Health.

Potentials Health Owners

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Potentials Health is a wellness company owned by brothers Ryan and Bobby Silberman. This company specializes in all natural organic based medicinal treatments and products for patients suffering from everything from arthritis and cancer to chronic pain and glaucoma. The dispensary team has worked very hard to partner with this company to serve patients who are looking for treatments that do not contain any synthetic chemicals or synthetic drugs. As a result, the company has developed an entire line of natural treatments and supplements that are used at the 7-Stars Holistic Healing Center.

In addition to serving patients who are suffering from diseases and conditions like cancer and HIV, the Richmond area also offers services to those who just want relief from the stress of life. Some people just need to come home and relax. Others may have become so ill that they need to be kept comfortable. With the help of the 7-Stars Holistic Healing Center, people who are looking for ways to relax can find some peace and tranquility at the facility.

7-Stars Holistic Healing Center

The leaders of the dispensary team, along with Bobby Silberman and Ryan Whitener founded the 7-Stars Holistic Healing Center to make a difference in the lives of others through medical cannabis. If you look at their mission statement, you will see that it does not only espouse the use of medical cannabis but also strives to improve the quality of life for all who visit the center. Their beliefs are based on what they feel is true, which is that there is a great deal of the science behind the effectiveness of the cannabis plant. They are firm in their belief that marijuana should be legalized and sold for profit to serve as a great service to the people of Richmond.


The seven star rating that they have received is based off an incomplete assessment of their service. Many other facilities around the country have great service and the leadership at Seven Stars is just not the same. Their core values should have been taken from the beginning when it came to designing a program for the use of people who have legitimate need for cannabis. At the time, there was an effort made to keep their ratings within a five star range. Hopefully, things will change in the near future.

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