American Institute of Homeopathy – The Science Behind Its Popular Cure

american institute of homeopathy

Today, The American Institute of Homeopathy is one of the best known and most respected professional associations devoted to promoting the practice of alternative and complementary medicine. Its mission is “to promote the general education of health practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, disorders and injuries treatable by the use of natural and holistic remedies and practices.” It is not an organizational association but instead a membership organization with special roles and duties for each member.


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The historical development of AIM has been the result of a gradual accretion of accumulating information from different sources. These include scientific studies, clinical experience, and general observations on patients’ responses to traditional medical treatments. These have led to the recognition that there is a significant body of evidence that supports the traditional modes of treating illnesses as highly effective and safe.

Research Approach

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The AIM believes that health care should be approached from three perspectives: physical health, mental health, and social health. All three are interrelated. People need all of these aspects of their life to be at peak performance at work, at home, and in their relationships. In addition, all of us have an interest in improving the health of other people, and we all have a responsibility to our community to take care of ourselves. Therefore, the AIM dedicates its activities to education, research, and counselling.

The principles of AIM are based on several scientifically proven theories. One of these is that we are affected by our immediate environment and that this environment plays a role in our health and in our ability to recover from illness. Other AIM principles are that health is a system and that a person’s individual body constitution contributes to the effectiveness of that person’s health care.

The Techniques And Methods

The science of AIM has several proven techniques. One of these is the twelve-step program, which outlines twelve basic principles of science. These include observation, investigation, measurement, demonstration, comparison, and justification.

AIM science incorporates these twelve principles in order to help individuals understand the relationship between their health and their environment. A good example of one of these principles is the conviction that there is a relationship between bad health habits and contagious disease. Another is the belief that all diseases are traceable to bacteria or viral agents. And, finally, that self-treatment is ineffective and dangerous. All of these theories are based on the science of homeopathy.

No Scope Of Controversy

The science of AIM practices is not controversial. There have been many articles written about it and many television programs dedicated to it. However, the controversy occurs because there are a variety of different opinions regarding how best to practice AIM. There are those who support its use as a complementary treatment to traditional medicine, and there are those who believe it to be a form of quackery.

Supporters of AIM science point out that it has been around for over a hundred years, and is highly respected by those in the medical field. They also point out that the thousands of satisfied customers who purchase AIM homeopathic products every year have nothing to hide. They simply want to improve their health. The real controversy concerns those who would criticize an entire field of study with nothing more than a half-baked theory. American Institute of Homeopathy continues to provide quality resources for consumers interested in alternative medicine and is a great place to learn more about the fascinating world of homeopathy.

The Remarks Of Critics

Critics of AIM science point out that although many of its practices are scientifically valid, many other practices are just plain silly. It is not uncommon for some practitioners to claim that a patient’s ailment has been caused by “psychic soil,” when in all actuality the patient was not suffering from a mental condition. Some critics argue that many of the remedies recommended by AIM are not even natural and that is why they have become popular. Many patients have found relief through these or other AIM practices, but this does not mean that the entire practice is fraudulent.

Those who support the science of AIM practices point out that it is a legitimate science because all the ingredients used by the practitioner are pharmaceutical grade. They are also licensed by the FDA. This is a mandatory requirement for selling medications in the United States. The science of AIM is not a quick fix. In fact, it is a long term process that involves regular research and updates to the knowledge of the AIM doctor.

Wrapping Up

Homeopathic practices have been around for a long time. However, they are not accepted by all doctors and medical professionals. For this reason, anyone interested in the science of homeopathy should do further research on the subject before making an appointment with an AIM practitioner.

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