Ancient But Most Effective Energy Holistic Healing Techniques That Works For Sure

energy holistic healing

A natural flow of energy occurs inside our body through the meridian points that lie all across the body. The imbalance of this energy can lead to poor health and many diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that by improving this energy flow, all the health issues can be resolved. Thus there are many energy holistic healing techniques that work on this principle.

However, each technique works differently on different aspects of our well-being, like emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Here we have discussed all the energy healing techniques in detail. Check out below!

Reiki Healing – A combination Of Two Words

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Reiki is a combination of two words, rei, and ki, where rei means god’s wisdom and qi or ki is termed as energy in Japanese. It is a traditional Chinese medicine to cure a wide range of illnesses such as migraine, cancer, Crohn’s disease, anxiety, and more.

Some of them are medically proven, while researchers are still not sure about its effectiveness on some diseases. But, reiki is a kind of energy holistic healing that definitely reduces stress and makes you relax. It also offers the following benefits:

Boosts immunity and remove all the toxins from the immune system

Bring clarity in your mind and improves the concentration ability

Good for those having sleep disorders as reiki relaxes your mind and help you sleep better

It also reduces infections and inflammations and thus a valuable energy holistic healing technique

Crystal Healing

Unlike reiki, which does not involve the use of any tools or equipment to heal, crystal healing requires the use of stones and crystals. Don’t worry; these stones are not sharp and harmful. The practitioner places the crystals of different shapes and sizes on the patient’s body to repel all the negative energy from the body.

Each stone has different healing powers and unblocks the trapped energy from seven different chakras of our body.

Qigong Therapy

This holistic energy healing helps in restoring the body’s lost energy balance. It is around 4000 years old therapy that involves movements and breathing techniques. The therapy is said to be effective on joints, immune systems, and different internal organs of the body.

Qigong also improves the emotional and mental health of an individual. It is because of the breathing technique involved in Qigong that results in a calming effect on the mind. As a result, one feels less stressed and more energetic.

Pranic Healing

The no-touch healing system that is pranic healing uses the prana or life force of the individual to heal. This is also an ancient healing therapy that has a good impact on the psychological and physical conditions of an individual.

Pranic healing is said to heal cancer, multiple sclerosis, flu, headaches, back pain, and more health issues.

One more energy holistic healing technique is quantum healing, which involves the visualization of energy flow. However, this is different from other healing methods as it is not spiritual. It benefits the immune system directly.

Last Words

These were some of the best ancient energy healing techniques that seemed simple and involved no modern equipment for healing but are highly effective.

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