Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is the therapy of curing illnesses. The like cure like is the basic principle of homeopathy. For 200 years now homeopathic medicine has cured innumerable diseases. The principle of like cures like refers to a theory of homeopathy. This theory states that the cause of the illness will trigger the cure to it. In fact, the medicines are used for boosting the immune system in a person.

For instance, cutting an onion leads to the burning nose and watery eyes. An illness with similar symptom can be cured by onion remedies. Herbal medicines made from onion called Allium Cepa are used in healing hay fever. It uses highly diluted substances with zero traces of active ingredients present in it. Such medication triggers the self-healing power in a body. As a result, the body heals itself by fighting germs and infection. Homeopathy is also known as a sophisticated system of healing.

What Are Homeopathic Remedies?

Homeopathic remedies often come in sugar pellets, powder, liquid, etc. The sugar pellets are common among all. Nano-particles of active substances help in manufacturing homeopathic medicine. These nano-particles are extracted from plants, roots, flowers, seeds, and bark. Apart than this, mineral and animal extracts are also taken for preparation of remedies. The manufacturing process consists of diluting the base ingredient to its highest extent. After this, no active molecules can be found in it. Although it has no active ingredient, still it is potent enough to cure illnesses.

Scientific Evidence For Homeopathic Medicine

It is very difficult to test homeopathic remedies through scientific methods. The RCT or Randomized Controlled Trials cannot be conducted on these medications for two basic reasons. Firstly, Homeopathic medicine depends on the symptoms of illness and patient profile. Hence, they vary from one person to another. Secondly, RCT gives similar treatment to all patients, thus it cannot be applied in homeopathy. Similar homeopathy remedies cannot be effective in the case of every individual.

RCT offers the same treatment for a large number of patients diagnosed with the same illness. It does not work on individual symptoms. In the case of homeopathy, it considers individual symptoms before prescribing any medicine.

How Long Does It Take To Treat Certain Ailments? 

The time span of curing ailments depends on the intensity of the disease. Minor or acute illness like fever, cough, headache, etc can cure in a week. Other acute health condition such as digestive problem, injuries and burns cure in a day with the help of homeopathy. Major or chronic diseases take longer time to cure completely. Patients need to be regular with doctor consultation and follow the therapy strictly for good health.

Is Homeopathy Safe For Pregnant Women And Kids?

Homeopathy is completely safe for pregnant women and infants. In addition to what we discussed so far, qualified homeopaths have stated that homeopathy medicines are safe. They can be consumed to get relief from cramps during pregnancy, pain, etc. Homeopathy is an effective therapy for treating newborn babies. In case if you following any conventional medical treatments then you must consult your homeopath and your regular doctor. Consequently, this might lead to health conflict.

If you are not sure about homeopathy, you must consult a homeopath and then go for homeopathic treatments. They are completely safe and you will get positive results for your health problems.

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