Choosing Young Living Essential Oils For Therapeutic Purposes

young living essential oils

Young Living is a multi level marketing business based in Lehi, Utah, founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993. It sells all sorts of holistic health and natural products, especially those endorsed by celebrities. Most of its supplements are available at reasonable prices, and it pays most of its distributors for volume sales. Its wholesale prices are lower than other companies. In this article we will look at the products and services offered by Young Living, and the business opportunities that are available to its distributors.

The company structure is fairly simple, with most of its distributors being owners rather than employees. The company does not require any employee benefits or health insurance, although there is a preferred distributor program that some of its distributors have signed up for. There are no capital gains taxes or inheritance tax liabilities. There are no special licensing requirements, nor are there any penalties for quitting a company, except for those distributors who fail to follow through on the opportunity to sell their young living essential oils.

An Overview

Essential Oils

The oils are sold in concentrated forms, either as oils or in pills, or as nutritional supplements in capsule form. The pure oil is sold in capsule form. Some of the products include Rosemary oil, Echinacea oil, peppermint oil, and Lavender oil. They also sell a variety of herbal teas, including one called St. John’s Wort, which is supposed to be an alternative treatment for depression and anxiety.

The distributors earn a commission on the sale of each individual product. They promote the products and their own company, and can receive commissions on sales of entire lines of Young Living essential oils or on the sale of a single item. The company uses multilevel marketing techniques to recruit distributors, and has several levels of selling. At the lowest level they call it “partnering”.

Essential Oils for Therapeutic Purposes

Essential Oils

Some of the lines of Young Living essential oils are used in the treatment of arthritis, including a joint formula called Arthritis Dot. Other medications like St. John’s Wort, another joint formula called St. John’s wort is said to relieve the pain from arthritic conditions and even diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. The company produces its own laboratory research, using genetic engineering to make new viruses and bacteria that will help fight disease. The virus is used in a separate clinical trial in Germany. The trials have shown promising results.

There is no scientific evidence that the viruses are effective. The company states that they use stringent quality control procedures. In order to qualify as a distributor for the three Young Living essential oils sold under the name of Paphos, they need to meet certain criteria set by the company. They have to be independent businesses without any affiliation with the parent company. They also need to be signed up as customers by a 3rd party in good standing.

When you compare prices of Young Living Essential oils against other brands you can see the quality of each and every product is the same. However, when you look at the quality control reports and what each company is credited for, you find a different story. For example, one company credits Paphos with having the highest quality of essential oils sold under its brand name. In contrast, there are other companies that have much lower quality.

Bottom Line

When you are searching for quality, pure essential oils for therapeutic use, you should choose Young Living essential oil brands that are harvested from virgin olive trees grown in Greece. Grapeseed oil is an ingredient found in most brands. You should also be careful to read the list of ingredients and check for anything that could cause a negative reaction. With a bit of research you can find great quality, pure products for therapeutic use from reputable companies.

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