COVID-19 About Home Isolation With Mild Symptoms

COVID-19 About Home Isolation

As the world is on a rollercoaster ride with the rapid increase in the coronavirus cases, most of us are feeling anxious. Though it is okay to feel tense, it is time we see the rising recovery rate across the globe too. It is going to give us all mental strength. When we mentally feel strong, it helps our immune system ready to prevent the attack of the virus in severity. That’s why most with mild symptoms are recovering only staying at home isolation. Of course, COVID-19 about home isolation requires the doctor’s guidance. The guidance is required as sometimes, we may not understand the severity of the symptoms. But when you receive the thumbs up from the medical practitioner, you can stay in home isolation.

So, if you or anyone close to you come in contact with the novel coronavirus and have mild symptoms, then what? Then you have to consult a doctor ASAP. Seeing a few of the following “COVID-19 about home isolation” circumstances, your doctor will say yes or no to home isolation: 

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COVID-19 About Home Isolation With Mild Symptoms

COVID-19 About Home Isolation: Who Can Stay In Home Isolation

Home isolation is appropriate for those people with mild COVID-19 symptoms or suspicion. But it depends whether the following circumstances are met or not:

  • You can receive good care at your home.
  • There are appropriate caregivers at your home.
  • Your home has a separate bedroom where you can recover without stepping into an immediate space where others stay.
  • Ensure that you have access to an adequate amount of food and all other necessities.
  • Everyone in the same home has all access to personal protective equipment like gloves and masks.
  • You are not living with any household members with an increased risk of meeting any complications due to the COVID-19 attack.

In case you need to travel to your location for home isolation, it is best to use personal transport mode. It will help in minimizing exposure to others. But if you have no option but to use public transport, you must abide by the government protocols to prevent disease spread.

Once you are in home isolation, you must maintain all the home isolation rules. You are supposed to stay at your home to go into any public places. Only if you need medical intervention, you should leave home. And during the isolation time, do not let any visitor enter your home.

Wearing Mask Inside Your Home!

Yes, you should be wearing your mask inside your home if you or any family member is COVID-19 positive. In case you are unable to wear surgical masks, anyone shouldn’t stay in the same room with you. Also, they must also wear a mask to enter your isolation room.

COVID-19 About Home Isolation: What If You Have Other Members

Only the members who are essential for taking care of you should be at your home. If possible, other people must move elsewhere for the timing. Those with a compromised immune system must stay away from you anyway. In case you have to share your room with others, always stay inside a different room away from others.

Home isolation during COVID-19
COVID-19 About Home Isolation With Mild Symptoms

Using a separate bathroom is extremely crucial if it is available. If you have to share a common space for sometimes, always wear a surgical mask and move in the distance. Also, every surface in the shared areas must be cleaned every day with disinfectant.

Isolation For Carers And Household Members

In case you are COVID-19 positive, your family members and caregivers must also be in home isolation. The local public health unit will guide them, how long they have to be in isolation. They will also go through the COVID-19 test.

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