Easy Ways to Use Homeopathy Arnica

homeopathy arnica

Homeopathy arnica is an excellent herbal remedy that is highly effective in curing various types of diseases. However, there are certain limitations of homeopathy arnica as compared to other remedies and it should be borne in mind before one decides to use this type of remedy. Like all the other homeopathic remedies, the efficacy of homeopathy arnica is highly dependent on the kind of disease that you are trying to cure. It should also be noted that homeopathy arnica is not considered fit for all kinds of diseases. Before one starts using homeopathy arnica, it is highly recommended that he consults a homeopath or naturopathic doctor.

An Overview

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The cause of the disease that you are treating should be carefully considered before using homeopathy arnica. Homeopathy arnica uses pure substances that are obtained from plants and animals. In addition, other synthetic substances can also be used in the process of preparing homeopathy arnica remedies. When you use homeopathy arnica to treat a disease, the essence of the plant is supposed to enter your body through the bloodstream. It is then supposed to perform its tasks by helping treat the disease. At the same time, it is also meant to help you recover completely from the disease.

Since homeopathy arnica is supposed to enter your body in the blood stream, it is necessary that you should drink sufficient quantities of water while taking the remedies. Also, you should ensure that your stomach is empty when you take homeopathy arnica so that the essence of the plant gets into your tummy. There is no point in drinking large quantities of water if you are trying to recover from a severe disease. You should also refrain from consuming any dairy products for a few days after you start using homeopathy arnica remedies. Dairy products will only increase the side effects of homeopathy medicines.


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However, the most important precaution for people using homeopathic arnica is that they should not drink any contaminated water. This includes tap water. If you take homeopathy remedies that contain diluted solutions of homeopathy arnica, it is likely that some amount of the water may have been contaminated during the manufacturing process. The dosage of the remedy will therefore be too low. If the water you drink contains traces of disinfectants, fungi or bacteria, then you should avoid drinking it.

Homeopathy arnica is usually diluted with either water or alcohol before being used. No matter what form you use, it is advisable that you do not swallow the solution. You should dilute the remedies with a few drops of lemon juice to dilute it further. It is important to note that alcohol dilutes the homeopathic remedies and they are then ineffective. This means that you will not get any effect with homeopathy arnica if you use alcohol to dilute the remedy. For this reason, homeopathy arnica is not drunk directly from any source.


You can get homeopathy arnica by taking small doses at regular intervals. It is advised that you take the recommended dose regularly as per your doctor’s instructions. If you follow this dosage, then you should not experience any side effects. You may experience headaches, nausea and stomach problems if you fail to follow the dosage properly. You should also not drive while drinking homeopathy arnica as this can interfere with its effect.

Some people prefer to drink warm water to consume homeopathy remedy. However, this should only be done if you have no severe health conditions that hinder you from drinking hot water. When you drink water that has been warmed up, the homeopathy elements in the solution can become inactive. This means that the potency of the homeopathy arnica will reduce.


You should drink at least 500 ml of homeopathy arnica, diluted in a glass of water every day. Do not take more than this amount. Do not take a large quantity of homeopathy arnica or you may face adverse side effects. When you are done drinking the homeopathy remedy, you should fast for half an hour. This helps you get rid of the sedative effects of the homeopathy medicine. You can resume your normal activities one day after the fast.

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