Effects When Migraines Interfere In The Life Of People

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Migraines Interfere: It is a very debilitated bunch of neurological

symptoms that usually include severe palpitating and repetitive pain on either

of the sides of the head. Migraine is detected by analyzing the symptoms,

discussing family history, doing medical tests, and omitting other

probable causes of the headache. These can last for many days.

Effects When Migraines Interfere In The Life Of People

Effects When Migraines Interfere In The Life Of People

Facts About Migraines Interfere


Statistically, 85% of chronic migraine sufferers are generally women.

In general, boys are affected much more than girls before puberty hits in life.

Whereas, the risk and severity rise in girls during adolescence.

Migraine often goes unexplored and hence, untreated in children.

Inheritance: A child having a parent with migraine has a 50% risk of

inheriting the trait and if both the parents have a migraine, then the risks

may rise to 75%.




  1. Changes of hormones in women.
  2. Medications for hormones, such as oral contraceptives and HRT

(Hormone replacement therapy), can worsen migraines.

  1. Drinking alcohol, especially wine, and also too much caffeine, such as coffee

may trigger.

  1. Stress during work or while at home can be the reason behind migraines.
  2. Sensory stimuli like bright lights and sun glare, the strong smell can induce


  1. Intense physical exertion.
  2. A change of weather or pressure can lead to migraines.
  3. Having some old cheese and salty, processed foods may trigger.
  4. In some cases, an aura can occur before the headache. This aura includes

visual problems, such as light +ashes or blind spots, or maybe tingling on

either side of the face or in arm, leg and also problem in speaking.

Effects When Migraines Interfere In The Life Of People

Effects When Migraines Interfere In The Life Of People

Preventive Measures For Migraines


Make a plan:




  1. Try to lie down in a dim, calm, and noise-free room. But for some reason,

if you cannot lie down, then go somewhere and turn off the lights.

  1. Go to a place where the temperature is best for you and have hot or cold

packs for compressing on hand, also use them on the head.

  1. Lightly massage the painful areas of temples and scalp
  2. Try to drink some beverages like coffee or soda, which can ease the ache early.
  3. Medicines can help to suppress migraines and make them less irritating.
  4. Remedies of self-help and changes in lifestyle might help to lessen the pain.




  1. Do not skip meals because it can trigger migraines. So eat properly every day.
  2. Don’t sleep too much or very less. Be sure to get enough sleep.


Disturbance At Work  And Impact On Family


When one is busy in his or her busy schedule in office, a migraine attack can

occur. So be prepared for that. Like, one should inform the superior officer of

one’s department. Let them understand the problem with the pains of

migraines, and for that, one might come in late or leave early.

Patients of migraine should keep the medicines with themselves.


Impact On Family


Migraine is such a disease that affects one’s family indirectly and people

around that person having a migraine. One may change plans to go out with

family and friends because you have an ill-feeling. One may put off chores and

want to relax. Kids get concerned when they see parents are not well.

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