Essential Oil Vapes Using Aromatherapy Pens

aromatherapy pens

You simply place the nib into the bottle of oil and the aromatherapy liquid goes into your paper. Then, you just let the paper soak in the liquid for a while and it will produce your essential oils. You can do this many times throughout the day or night to apply your essential oils.

The biggest advantage of these pens is that they are very easy to use. Many people don’t like to use their hands for long periods of time, so they usually reach for a glass pipe, or a water bottle when they want to get something done. However, these aromatherapy pens are very different. You simply take them out of the box, turn them on, and you can start applying your essential oils directly to paper with only a pen to slow you down. If you’re an avid fan of aromatherapy then you’ll know that you don’t get anywhere without these little vapes.

Heating Element

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Another advantage of these pens is that there is a heating element built in. When you buy these, you have an option to get one that uses a long-term heating element or a short-term one. You can choose the one that works best for your needs. Many people prefer the heating element because it allows them to use aromatherapy without having to keep an open flame. However, if you want to be able to use your aromatherapy pens anywhere without a fire, you can opt for the short-term heating element.

Now, one more advantage of these aromatherapy pens is that they work great for the aromatherapy industry as a whole. It’s very difficult to sell aromatherapy supplies and pills when people don’t have easy access to them. For example, you couldn’t sell diffusers and candles unless you had an easy way to deliver them. With these pens, you have an instant way to get your essential oils into your hands without the mess of using a traditional vial.

A Wick

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The traditional way to distribute essential oils is through a wick. A problem with this is that it can be messy and can easily catch fire if it doesn’t burn evenly. A better solution to this would be to create a vapor trail instead. By creating a vapour trail instead of a wick, the aromatherapy oils are distributed evenly and with no mess.

Another great thing about these pens is that you can use just about any essential oil in them. Most people aren’t comfortable with using straight essential oils because they can smell strongly and tend to irritate the skin. These pens however have created a whole new class of aromatherapy products that have been designed for people who prefer not to have their essential oils directly inhaled.


This is achieved by the way that the oil diffuser is placed onto the pen. Once you press the button on the pen, the oils are infused into the writing medium and blown through the nib, creating a luxurious aroma that has a very special relaxing effect on the user.

If aromatherapy pens are being sold in stores, then it’s a good idea to purchase one for yourself. You can even purchase several pens so that you can give different ones away to friends and family as they see fit. These pens are very economical and will last for years. They’re perfect for giving to friends and family on special occasions like holidays and birthdays and they make a great gift for anyone who loves aromatherapy products and the environment.


There are a lot of aromatherapy pen varieties available on the market but the most popular and highly recommended are the monq aromatherapy pens. These are made in limited edition designs and you only get to choose from three different blends – sandalwood, cedarwood, and Moroccan rose wood. All these blends are highly concentrated, have excellent scent, and are very safe to use. The heating element is also a very nice feature, because it makes applying the blend much easier and faster.

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