Grounding And Its Various Benefits

Grounding And Its Benefits

Today people do not have time for themselves. Everyone is so busy working and earning. But it is essential to give time to oneself to stay fit and healthy. Grounding is also known as earthing. Putting one’s bare feet on the ground to feel the mother earth is grounding. Mother earth, however, has electrons, and getting in contact with mother earth helps to absorb particles through the feet. Grounding is a must to keep one away from illness.

Grounding And Its Benefits

Grounding And Its Benefits

Benefits Of Grounding

Reduces inflammation- when one practice grounding, this helps to reduce swelling. Heart disease is one cause of inflammation. Grounding also helps to receive charged electrons when the foot gets in contact with the mother earth. Problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, and many other diseases can be reduced through grounding. It also helps to thin the blood. As soon as the foot touches the ground, it receives negatively charged ions that are helpful for the body.

Increase Cellular Energy- grounding helps to increase cellular energy. One cannot change the DNA with which one is born. But surely can change the expression of your genes. That means the cellular energy reduces if the cells do not produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is the ATP that helps the body cells to move. If we do not have ATP, we will not have life. Grounding also helps the brain to work correctly, the body burns fat, and even, live a healthy life.

Some More Benefits Of Grounding

Grounding Helps To Get Rid Of Migraine- all those who experience headaches and have a severe migraine can get rid of this problem through grounding.

Get Rid Of Diseases- Research proves that all those who put their shoes on for maximum time suffer from various diseases. Walking barefoot on the ground helps get the currents that are beneficial for the human body. Many also suffer from electron deficiency. This can resolve this syndrome by grounding.

Helps To Make The Blood Healthy- thick blood leads to diseases, and many problems like blood pressure, sugar, and inflammation. The zeta potential is improved through grounding. 11- 12 minutes of grounding can help the electrons to reach the body and help immensely.

Who Must Not Practice Grounding

If one is suffering from a slight blood problem, then one must not practice grounding. Especially those who suffer from Coumadin need not go for doing grounding. Or must do under the guidance of a doctor

How To Do Grounding?

It is the best. Walking on the lawn makes one feel refreshed.

If you stay near the beach, grounding can be even better. With the fresh breeze and the ocean or sea nearby, enhances the benefits of grounding.

Walking with the grounding sandals is also one way to do grounding. With shoes too, one can get the benefits of grounding.

Grounding And Its Benefits

Grounding And Its Benefits


In today’s busy life, one needs to take out time for oneself too. Grounding, however, is an easy way to stay fit and healthy. Grounding unknowingly helps one in many different ways. Walking barefoot on the ground can be very helpful.

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