High Blood Pressure: 10 Herbs That Will Help Fix It

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High blood pressure is a common factor that can run inside a single-family. The general reason for the rise of hypertension can come from a number of problems.

Visiting a doctor is the ultimate solution, but for treating emergency, one can rely on some easily found herbs that will help lower blood pressure rapidly. Here is a list of some medicinal herbs which got results in bringing down your hypertension. Let’s get started:

High Blood Pressure: 10 Herbs To Lower
High Blood Pressure: 10 Herbs To Lower

Basil, An Agent To Lower Your Blood Pressure:

It is an herb that goes well with any food item. Some basil extract as shown by researchers in an experiment on rodents.Will help lowering blood pressure for a brief period. But still, more research is in process.

Cinnamon Is Excellent For Resolving High Blood Pressure

It is another kitchen ingredient that comes very handy while influencing the levels of your tension. It can also bring a subtle flavor to your food, which is a bonus of the use you’ll have for it. In controlling your hypertension levels. However, more research should be aimed at the benefits of cinnamon when consumed raw.

Another Great Help In Controlling High Blood Pressure: Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice that has its origination in India and has a wide range of usage in south Asian countries. Research shows that with daily consumption of cardamom. By taking it twice a day at the rate of approx 1.5 gm a day. It has an evident result in controlling tension problems.

Flaxseed: An Excellent Option For Lowering High Tension

Flaxseed is well known for providing the body with omega-three fatty acids. Some researchers showed that with its consumption one can help in lowering down his blood pressure level. Moreover, it has many other health benefits that could be worth checking out as much.

Garlic As A Right Emergency Solution:

High Blood Pressure: 10 Herbs To Lower
High Blood Pressure: 10 Herbs To Lower

Garlic. Another powerful ingredient that serves many purposes. It has already proven itself in curing and treating cold and flue. It is also a popular kitchen ingredient that will help the blood vessels to relax, therefore bringing down your pressure levels. When consumed with food or even eaten raw, it can serve a great deal if you use it in such a purpose.


Another potent herb, which is also very easy to find in case of any emergency. Ginger. It is proven to fight sicknesses, such as cold and cough as its garlic counterpart. But with recent researches, it was made sure that it also has its place in the medicinal world. Moreover, ginger is an all in one herb, which will also help in bringing down the hypertension levels.

Hawthorne Roots: An Ancient Chinese Tradition For Controlling Blood Pressure:

Hawthorne is a Chinese remedy used for ages for treating hypertension. With its usage for over hundreds of years, it has proven its worth in doing so.

Celery Seed Another Excellent Option For Hypertension Control:

Celery is another ingredient having its origin in the Chinese tradition and has proven to bring down levels as well. Researchers are still going on, on the effects of celery since it is not yet determined which parts of the celery work best for it. But they are getting there.

French Lavender: Another Very Good Option Of Treatment

Lavender. As all grandma recipes, is a great instrument in bringing down hypertension. You can apply lavender in shakes, massage products or even your meal which will give them a nice different taste. Just as rosemary.

Cat’s Claw

As other Chinese traditional recipes as we already spoke about. It is another great solution for your blood problems. With being also beneficial in helping neurological problems. Should you have some. Moreover, the primary function of this herb is to treat hypertension as shown in rodents studies.

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