Homeopathy Treatment History And Its Story

Homeopathy was first founded by a German physician in the 18th century. Samuel Hahnemann coined the term homeopathy. It originated from two Greek words, Homoios meaning similar and Pathos meaning suffering. The laws and principles of homeopathy are based on the theory of ‘similar laws’. For instance, patients of hay fever with burning nose and watering eyes need homeopathy treatment. Onions make our eyes water and nose burn. For this reason, they can cure similar symptoms of illness.

The first rule of homeopathy is prescribing fewer medicines. The little quantity is potent enough to trigger the healing powers. This process is called the minimum dosage. Homeopathic medicines enhance the potential of our immune system. In fact, it helps in strengthening our self-healing powers. The medicines are diluted to a level where they are nothing more than healing elements.

Moreover, this philosophy of medication is practiced since the rule of Mayans, Greeks, Asian Indians and Native American Indians. Samuel Hahnemann gave a structure to homeopathy and set its basic principles. Today we are following and exploring more about homeopathy through his works.

How are Homeopathy Medicines made?

Homeopathic medicines manufacture from various sources. All these sources are natural. Most of it is obtained from leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, etc. At the same time, some preparations are made by nitric and sulfuric acid. Likewise, some preparations also use silver, iron, zinc and gold. Even a couple of microbes like virus and bacteria are used. The formulation of these medications helps in homeopathy treatment.

How To Relieve Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a common health issue people complain about. We often try multiple pain relief therapies for chronic pain. Chronic pain such as bruises, sprains, swollen joints, stiff muscles, back pain and arthritis is treated by homeopathy. Every individual has a personalized homeopathy treatment plan. Homeopathy is more economical than any other treatment. Such treatments have long term benefits and safe for your health.

PMS and Homeopathy

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is a mental condition caused by physical changes. Women experience PMS a couple of days before their period starts. PMS leads to depression, irritation, mood swings, etc. In addition to it, women suffer from headache, diarrhea, breast tenderness, acne and abdominal bloating. Although, these symptoms vary from woman to woman and disappear after the period is over. Homeopathy is a safe source which provides relief from these symptoms.

Menopause and Homeopathy Treatment

Menopause is a biological event which occurs naturally after a certain age in women. It is the time when the menstrual cycle stops and the body is exposed to certain changes. As a result, the ovary functions declines and the production of egg stops permanently. Women experience menopause in between the age of 45 to 52 years. In fact, during this span of time, women experience irregular periods, weight gain, hair loss, osteoporosis, hot flushes, etc. This too has a mental and emotional effect on women. Depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, irritation and mood swings are some common symptoms. Homeopathy helps in getting relief from these symptoms.

Homeopathy is useful in many other illnesses as well. Depending on your symptoms, homeopaths prescribe medicines. You can avail these medicines in your nearest homeopathy store. They are completely safe and have zero side effects.

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