Holistic-Healing Alternatives

Holistic-Healing, Alternative, Complementary Medicine

Holistic medicine refers to the way of healing a whole person by improving his or her body, mind, spirit, and emotion. On top of that, the holistic medicinal approach is different from the traditional therapeutic approach. Holistic-healing aims to cure diseases by leaving life in a better way.

Alternative medicine and complementary medicine comes under the same umbrella, named as holistic medicine. However, complementary medicine and holistic medicine often are treated as equal. But alternative and complementary are not the same; there is a fine line between them.

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Holistic-Healing, Alternative, Complementary Medicine

Holistic-Healing And Medicine

It refers to the healing of the whole body, holistically by improving the body, mind, soul, and emotion. However, both complementary and alternative medicines fall under holistic medicine. It employs yoga, alternative medicines like Ayurveda, music therapy, spa, etc.

The principle of holistic medicine include –

  1. Everyone possesses innate healing powers.
  2. A patient is a person. He/she is not a disease.
  3. It focuses on every aspect of human life.

Complementary Medicine

However, complementary medicine employs alternative medicines like Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga, nature therapy, music therapy, etc. for the healing of body, mind, soul, and emotion. Complementary medicine also includes psychotherapy, relationship, or personal counseling.  Moreover, traditional western medicine and western methods of treatment and surgery also complement this type is holistic treatment.

For instance, one might use music or art therapy while giving radiation in a cancer patient to kill cancer cells or malignant cells. On top of that, another instance shows, for treatment of depression or anxiety, traditional medicines are used. Besides that, the alternative treatment also uses like yoga, music therapy, art therapy, body massage for treating the same.

Alternative Medicine

However, alternative medicine solely uses yoga, Ayurveda, nature therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, body massage, spa, etc. for treatment of body, mind, and soul. Alternative healing also employs psychotherapy, as well as relationship and personal counseling for emotional healing. However, alternative medicine does not use traditional medicine, western methods of treatment, and surgery.

For instance, people often involve themselves in doing yoga and/or physiotherapy to treat joint pain, arthritis. In addition to that, body massage also helps. Moreover, patients do not take medication to treat joint pain and arthritis. 

However, this is the subtle difference between complementary medicine and alternative medicine.

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Holistic-Healing, Alternative, Complementary Medicine

The Common Factors Used In Complementary And Alternative Medicine For Holistic-Healing  –

However, the following procedures are used in complementary and alternative medication –

  1. Acupuncture sometimes helps with mild pain and a few types of nausea.
  2. Art or music therapy promotes healing. The quality of life thus might improve in some cases.
  3. Biofeedback uses monitoring devices to help people gain conscious control over some physical processes. However, consciousness is controlled automatically. Biofeedback monitors body factors like heart rate, blood pressure. In addition to that, it monitors body temperature, sweating, and muscle tension.
  4. Massage therapy, yoga, spa helps to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.
  5. Tai chi and yoga improve the strength and balance of the human body.
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