Holistic Healing Indianapolis

holistic healing india

Holistic Healing is the process of incorporating physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. It was founded in Indianapolis in the 1970s by Dr. Herb Schoeneler. It is a philosophy that believes that we are all connected and that disease is a manifestation of something wrong inside of us. Holistic Healing looks to promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

This holistic approach believes that we can heal ourselves from within by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our bodies, mind, and spirit. Holistic Healing is not centered on a specific religion or belief system. However, it does include some religious elements as well as common sense principles. There are many people who have found great success with Holistic Healing, although there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that it can cure cancer or infectious agents.

Holistic Healing is different than Traditional Western Medicine in that it does not rely on a single measure or approach to treatment. Rather, it believes that a combination of both natural and medical treatments is necessary to achieve wellness. In contrast to conventional medicine, holistic medicine believes that disease can be eliminated when the mind, body, and spirit work together to fight the cause.

Holistic Healing India

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Holistic Healing does not believe in the traditional forms of medical treatment such as antibiotics, surgery, and chemotherapy. Many traditional doctors believe that in order for a person to be healed they must follow a prescribed course of treatment. Holistic healing believes that healing occurs through a balance of mind, body, and spirit and does not require a medicine-based cure. Holistic approaches to health are also used to treat the whole person, rather than just treating a part of the body. This can be seen in the philosophies of the universal health care approach (UHC) and the integrative health approach (IHA).

The most well-known practitioner of holistic medicine in the U.S. is Dr. William Bates, who wrote an influential book on the subject. Since then, other holistic practitioners have grown in numbers throughout the country. When you visit Indianapolis, there are many different holistic clinics offering a variety of services. Some offer traditional forms of medicine; some offer no medication but prefer a more “holistic” approach, and others still offer no medicine at all. There are even a few clinics that have evolved so they are no longer strictly Holistic Healing centers but provide other health-related services. If you are interested in exploring any of these types of programs, contact your local center to find out what services they offer.

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There is a difference between traditional, mainstream medicine and the holistic approach to healing. With the traditional approach, you are dealing with illness and symptoms, rather than the root cause. Holistic healing goes beyond treatment, going after the cause. It recognizes that an illness may have multiple sources including stress, diet, food additives, environmental toxins, and emotional trauma. By approaching the illness from this holistic perspective, the cause can be easily pinpointed and eliminated.

If you are thinking about Holistic Healing as a possibility for your health, you should know that it does not involve any medication or expensive surgeries. Patients in Indianapolis who undergo holistic treatments live much longer than those who stick to the traditional approaches. Holistic Healing Indianapolis doctors not only treat the illness but also the patient’s entire life. By practicing healthy living, getting regular exercise, and making the best dietary decisions, the body can regain its natural balance and function.

Final Words

Holistic healing does not require that you give up your diet, your favorite foods, or take any kind of supplements. Many patients report great improvements and find that holistic medicine helps them get rid of chronic diseases that they have been battling for years with no positive results with conventional medicine. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of holistic healing, call an Indianapolis holistic healing center today and make an appointment. You will be amazed at the difference in your health, energy, and outlook.

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