Home Hygiene Tips To Prevent Getting Sick From The Coronavirus

Coronavirus, the pandemic is spreading pretty fast. With the number of affected people increasing every day, it has become the cause of concern for the whole world. Thus experts are advising to maintain hygiene for the prevention of coronavirus. There are measures that have been laid down by WHO that will help you to prevent the virus from infecting. One such measure is to keep your house hygienic. Today we will give you a detail about home hygiene tips.

So, here there are a few home hygiene tips that will keep your house clean and will help in preventing the disease. 

Home Hygiene Tips To Prevent Getting Sick From The Coronavirus
Home Hygiene Tips To Prevent Getting Sick From The Coronavirus

Start With The Basics

In times like this, you need to clean your house on a daily basis and make sure you have your cleaning items ready. It is necessary to clean your hands before and after you clean the house. Follow the 20 seconds rule laid down by WHO. To clean your house, you should always use alcohol-based disinfectants. If you are using wipes, you should go for the ones which kill 99.9% germs. In case you don’t have wipes or cleaning sprays, you can add dish soap and a spoon of salt in a bowl of warm water. Mix it and then use it cleaning for the prevention of coronavirus. 

Make sure that you clean the bathroom surfaces. The sponge you use for cleaning your house needs to be cleaned using hot water for your next usage. 

Disinfectants You Should Use – Home Hygiene Tips

When you choose disinfectants for your house, you need to make sure it contains 65%-90% alcohol. Buy wipes that come with a label that says it kills 99.9% germs. When you are using rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, you need to be careful as its inflammable. Do not mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar and mix sodium hypochlorite only with water. 

Know the High Touch Surfaces

You might be reading about the high-touch surfaces everywhere. However, it is important to know what they are, to proceed with the home hygiene tips. These are actually the surfaces that you touch the most. Places such as handles, light switches, doorknobs, microwave doors, refrigerator doors, drawers, back of the chairs, makeup products, toys, wardrobe, electronic devices, toilet seat, and many more. You need to clean it every day diligently. Make sure that you do not miss out on it. 

Home Hygiene Tips To Prevent Getting Sick From The Coronavirus
Home Hygiene Tips To Prevent Getting Sick From The Coronavirus

Areas to Clean – Home Hygiene Tips

Starting from your bedroom to your bathroom, you need to clean it all for the prevention of coronavirus. 

Kitchen: the primary place that you need to clean are food platforms, microwave, and fridge. Metal products can be infected easily. Hence, it is better to throw away the grocery bags you are bringing from out. If you plan on reusing them, make sure that you soak them in a mixture prepared using soap and water, wash it, and dry it in the sun. Take out the trash daily. 

Bathroom: The towel is the biggest enemy since the virus can stay for a longer time on the wet surface. Hence, put it to dry just after you use it. Clean with a wipe all the handles, doorknobs, taps, mat, and the floor. Also, empty the bathroom trash daily. 

Bedroom: Clean the curtains, television, side tables, and bedsheet. It is necessary to change your linen on a daily basis. 

Do Your Laundry

Another part of home hygiene tips is to do your laundry. As soon as you come from outside, you should put your clothes to wash. Use gloves as you collect clothes from around your house. Make sure you wash with lukewarm water and disinfectant. When you are done washing clothes, run the washing machine with just hot water, soap, and disinfectant. This will prevent the virus growth. 

It doesn’t hurt to take up these measures to keep yourself and your family safe. 

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