“Homeopathic Medicine” And Its Effects

“Homeopathic medicine” is always curable. Diseases and their cures lie in an altogether different domain, not in the field of our material world. Our body and mind drive and are maintained by a force that does not fall in the area of materialistic Newton’s Laws of Motion. So, an attempt to understand and explain the malfunctions of our body system, using the laws of the material world, can be futile.

Consider the well-known fact of the high-speed domain. The fact that with increasing speed, the mass of the moving body increases. Try to view it practically. The 10-gram gold that you have on your finger in the shape of a ring is snowballing into a one-ton gold ingot when setting in motion at speed comparable to light. Hence, this does sound absurd and beyond our perception. Furthermore, the two-legged rulers of this planet that belong to a domain in which even the velocity of sound ( 1/3 rd kilometer per second compared to 3,00,000 km per second for light) is considered very high.

Pieces Of Information On Homeopathic Medicine And Its Effects
“Homeopathic Medicine” And Its Effects

Homeopathic Medicine And Their Effectiveness

We can conclude that homeopathic medicines are genuinely subtle. Viruses and other causes of diseases are also delicate. That is why these medicines and the purpose of malfunctions in our body system belong to the same domain. And that’s why homeopathic medicines can rectify the faults.

If you place a drop of homeopathic medicine under the grind of chemical analysis, you will not find even a molecule of the material from which it is prepared.

They will also declare – it is all water, no chemicals. However, you will fail to see that each drop of this water has biological programming. 

An Experience To Know

I cured my twin sons, who suffered nearly ten years of severe breathing problems (later on diagnosed with allergic rhinitis) with homeopathic medicine. For almost 5 years, I moved from one Allopathic doctor to another, who used to prescribe Montelucast and anti-allergic other drugs. All these medicines gave them temporary relief. However, they subsequently made them sicker. Thus, they slept more and were robbed of their sensitivity towards happenings in their surroundings. They also became reluctant to swallow those tablets.

Pieces Of Information On Homeopathic Medicine And Its Effects
“Homeopathic Medicine” And Its Effects

 Parallelly, I visited Homeopathic doctors also. Some of them administered such medicines that aggravated their sufferings further. Others prescribed drugs that did not affect other than a taste of two grains of sugar on the tongue. Therefore, my frustration was with allopathic medicine system and with Homeopathic doctors.

So, I started to administer all sorts of homeopathic medicines based on my understanding, every time with a hope that it would cure them. And every time, I used to see the failure of the drug. I administered all homeopathic medicines like Aralia, Allium Cepa, Calcarea Carb, Pulsatilla, Ars Alb, Gelsemium, Ammonium Carb, and many others that one finds in a homeopathic textbook. Those were in the list of remedies for Allergic Rhinitis. Unfortunately, all my attempts were in vain. However, I never lost faith in Homeopathy. I hold this belief firmly in my heart – that there is a remedy only in homeopathy that can cure. It was my failure, not the collapse of the Homeopathic system of medicine. 

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