Homeopathy For UTI- Treat It The Right Way

homeopathy for uti

You might have had enough of using Allopathy and might have ended up getting more and more diseases back.

Here comes the safest and most healthy remedy from Homeopathy. This article is about the remedies that are available for treating Urinary tract infection (UTI) through homeopathy.

UTI has become common nowadays, and this infection can occur for multiple reasons. The various parts that can possibly undergo infections are the kidney, bladder, urethra, and ureter, and females are the ones who are affected badly because of this. Though there are many treatments for UTI, homeopathy has the best cure, some of which are listed below.

Symptoms Of UTI:Homeopathy For UTI

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There are several symptoms to guess that one is affected by UTI. They are abdominal pain, burning sensation before, during and after urination, nausea, fever, vomiting, and so on. Not all of them experience all these symptoms. It depends on the part where the infection took place. Based on the symptoms, one can look up to the remedy in homeopathy.


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This is the most common and most effective remedy used for UTI. This is used to treat persons who have less urine discharge despite having the urge to urinate and strong sexual desire apart from other symptoms. Cantharis can be taken along with water after consulting a doctor.

Berberis Vulgaris:Homeopathy For UTI

As I have mentioned already, women are more prone to UTI, most probably housewives. Some might experience a severe backache and will have an urge to urinate frequently. (12-14 times during the day and 5-6 times during the night). There will be chances of blood discharge in urine. In this case, Berberis Vulgaris acts as the best cure, and one can expect a good result after using it for a week.


This is the best remedy for conditions where a person has involuntary micturition (urination) while coughing or sneezing (this condition is medically termed as enuresis). Sometimes, there will be difficulty in releasing the last few drops of urine. At times, there are chances of bed-wetting by children having an infection, and they can be administered with Causticum. This is available in various forms such as tablets, liquid, cream, etc., and one can use it as directed by the doctor.


Apart from the above-listed remedies, there are many other cures for UTI in homeopathy. Staphysagria, Medorrihinum, Lycopodium clavatum, Arsenic album, and much more are available for treating UTI.

In Homeopathy, there are remedies not only for UTI but also for all the complications that one would undergo. Nowadays, everyone’s life is packed with bacterial antibiotics and painkillers from Allopathy. Apart from treating the disease, we all are experiencing the side effects of Allopathy medicines too. We started consuming English medicine just like food (more than food) which is precisely not the right way of living.

Homeopathy not only cures our complications, but it also assures us of no possible side effects as the medicines are completely herbal. If we want to have a healthy and right lifestyle, the safest and most recommended solution is to go for homeopathy.

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