Hot Yoga for Skin Care

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Hot yoga is the recent buzz and fashion fad amongst yoga enthusiasts. But does it really bring better results than regular yoga? A hot yoga class can look like gross, but it does bring about magical effects. It blasts clean your skin pores and drenches you in sweat like you have never been before. Later, you will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated like never before. 

A heated yoga practice brings about a better heart-rate. It is not that your body works harder in hot yoga. It is just that it gives you a post-yoga euphoria that regular yoga does not. Some scientists feel that it is just a post-workout sensation that makes you feel it is better. There is no actual proof that hot yoga is better than regular yoga. It is just that it makes you a happier and more contented person. Let us see the various reasons why hot yoga feels better than regular yoga.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga

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Hot yoga requires you to spend time in a hot room. It is something like an infrared sauna room, the only difference is that you perform your yoga postures in there. According to surveys, people who use sauna rooms, feel much better and happier after their sessions. 

Hot yoga releases feel-good hormones in the body such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Sauna is often used along with meditation and yoga to destress and calm the mind. When the body is exposed to heat, it benefits both physically and physiologically. 

How Does It Work?

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Hot yoga is much more than sitting in a sauna room. It is just a room with hot temperature, stuffy and heaty. The heat allows the pores to open and people can perform better stretch in their yoga postures. It also gives the feeling of satisfaction and contentment after a yoga practice, much more than regular yoga gives.

Other than the obvious reasons of opening your pores, people also feel that hot yoga is better. The reason is that as they come out of a stuffy and heated room, after having performed their yoga postures, they get a feeling of having accomplished something very difficult. People feel that they have worked harder. 

Hot Yoga Or Regular Yoga?

Ultimately, it is the satisfaction that people crave for. It is also a very personal choice. If a person feels better after having performed hot yoga, then they can go in for this. There are some others, who feel claustrophobic and cannot perform their postures in a heated room. Such people should opt for regular yoga.

Hot yoga makes you feel more alert, active and happy in the mind. Any exercise which benefits your body and mind both is definitely better. But hot yoga does wonders to your skin too. Once your pores are all de-clogged, clean and open, you feel much better. Your skin can breathe easily. You will find a glow on your skin after having performed hot yoga for a few days.

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