Importance Of Immune System To Coronavirus

The world is grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic. Until there is a vaccine, your immune system has to adapt to this virus. Thus, the key measure to fight this pandemic is to make sure you are immune to coronavirus. 

Sure, maintaining hygiene standards like washing hands frequently, particularly after using public transport, wearing a mask, and avoiding touching your mouth or face is important. However, boosting your immunity at this juncture is also crucial. 

People with a pre-existing illness such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have a greater risk of having coronavirus complications. Also, age can aggravate the viral symptoms as immunity reduces as your age increases. In the younger generation where there is no underlying illness, coronavirus will result in minor infection. However, for this, you need to have strong immunity. About coronavirus, you should know that a good immune system might not keep the virus out of the body. Nevertheless, it can help in reducing its severity. 

Here are some things that you can do to grow immunity and make sure you are immune to coronavirus. 

Importance Of Immune System To Coronavirus
Importance Of Immune System To Coronavirus

Fight Known Enemies 

Medical conditions such as hypertension, lung disease, diabetes, and heart disease are plaguing many. These conditions are predisposing many senior individuals to serious complications to follow any infection. Thus, people who are suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions need to keep them under control. Taking a flu shot can be a good idea in times like this. This is because the lungs that are stressed by the flu virus already are not likely to make it through the coronavirus infection quite well. 

Eat Healthy To Be Immune to Coronavirus

Your daily diet plays a significant role in your health and immunity. During this time, you should consume a low carb diet that will keep blood pressure and sugar in control. Maintain a protein-rich diet that will help in keeping you in good shape. You should eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. There are some food items that build up the body’s resilience such as mushrooms, bell pepper, broccoli, tomato, etc. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins that include Vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E. 

Processed meat during this time is a complete no-no. In fact, meat intake should be limited during this time if you have to be immune to coronavirus. It is better to consume whole food along with an adequate dose of fermented food like kefir or yogurt. Lentils and fivers are also food that maintains a healthy gut microbiome. 

Combat Stress

Stress levels are higher than before in this time of the pandemic for various reasons. Studies have shown that stress can predispose you to infection. Stress is related to a high-level of cytokines which are known to cause inflammation in the body. Moreover, when people are stressed, they tend to pay attention to healthy habits such as eating healthy food or getting enough sleep. This has a heaving effect on immunity. 

Importance Of Immune System To Coronavirus
Importance Of Immune System To Coronavirus

Therefore, everyone should include stress-relieving routines in their life. You can practice yoga, exercise daily, or practice meditation. Doing this will not only reduce the chances of infection but will also help with rapid recovery. The increased circulation can mobilize the body’s immune cells that are dormant and will increase your immune defense. 

Every day we are learning new facts about coronavirus and we have to do our bit to keep ourselves healthy. 

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