Body Pain Relief Patches And Joint

Joint And Body Pain Relief Patches

Joint And Body Pain Relief Patches

We usually suffer from muscle aches, muscular fatigue arthritis, joint pain, etc. while doing workouts, playing sports, or during strenuous exercises. The pain is so severe that it doesn’t allow us to move the affected part. There are a large no. of products available in the market for such joint and body pain, but very few appear to be effective. To provide an effective and reliable solution to all your joint and body pain, we would like to introduce our Joint and Body Pain Relief Patches.
These Joint and Body Pain Relief Patches is an effective ointment for your joints.

These are available as a set of 48 patches. The ingredients of which these patches are made of materials that improve the blood circulation on the affected area by penetrating through your skin. It offers a very fast relief action, which will provide you comfort right away. Thus, it is reliable and very safe to use. It has dimensions of 16 x 13 x 6 cm and weighs 0.14kg, making it very lightweight and easy to use as you can cut as much length ad required for your affected area.

Joint And Body Pain Relief Patches


These relief patches are thick and flexible, making them easy to apply. It can also be, cut into smaller sizes as per the need and the area affected. It can be, used on your neck, shoulder, back, knee joint, arm, etc. Don’t worry about sweat or water entering in these patches as these are also waterproof and sweat-proof in nature. Once applied, it will act fast and quickly provide relief to your long-lasting pain. This relief patch also provides healing to cervical pain, lumbar muscle strain, shoulder peri arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, and more. It is quite portable because you can carry it anywhere you go and can reach out for it whenever in need. Both men and women can use these patches.
There are a set of instructions for you to follow, which will accelerate the healing process and provide you relief quickly.

How To Use :

Wash and clean the affected area with a clean cloth to remove the dirt and allow it dry first.
Take a patch from Joint and Body Pain Relief Patches and remove the plastic covering from its back. You can also cut it into smaller pieces and apply as per your need and convenience.
Stick the patch (with the back removed) to the affected area and smoothen it so that it gets attached to the area thoroughly.
A single patch can be, used for over 2-3 days. Allow 3-4 hours interval and clean the affected area again with a clean cloth before you use a new plaster on the same area. If irritation occurs, then remove the patch and stop using it. It is safe and reliable to use as it does not contain any harmful chemicals in it. It purely focuses on providing relief to joint and body pain.

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