Meditation: A Natural Health Is Improved

45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul

In this speedy and tense lifestyle, everyone wants to be stress-free. In today’s generation, it is not easy to take care of your health with all the stress. However, meditation is the best way to cure your heart and soul without any outside elements. It gives you power to deal with the everyday problems easily.

Meditation is an age old practice and helps people to get rid of unnecessary stress and give space to think. It is the best way to cure yourself. People who medidate before starting their day are said to be happy and stress Free.

Meditation: A Natural Health
Meditation: A Natural Health

Meditation Practice

Although there are different ways to relax, meditating is an excellent option to choose from all. Anyone can practice the meditation and get benefits from it.

Before starting meditating, one should be aware of learning how you can get the most from your meditation practice. So these things are as listed below-


The very first step to meditate is to be relaxed. For relaxation, you should have reasonable control over your breath. Start from taking rhythmic breathing, means inhale a large amount of air in and then hold the breath in the lungs for some time.

After holding, concentrate on your breath and slowly exhale all the air-filled in the lungs. Repeat it some more times.

Keep Your Body Still While Meditation

The next step is to keep your body in a still posture. Try to keep your body free from any motion. It gives you the right start to meditate.


Now keep your mind calm and focus on your prayer. Practice in such a way that you can control your thoughts. After this practice, you feel that you are in a state that makes you stress-free and relaxed.

Meditation: A Natural Health
Meditation: A Natural Health

How Long To Meditate

It is entirely up to you how long to meditate. In the starting, it is enough to meditate for a short time like ten minutes. As you become more habitual, you can extend this time up to an hour.

It is also suggested that if you do this twice a day, it is more beneficial for you.

Place For Meditation

The place for meditating has a significant role in getting the maximum benefit from your practice. If possible, set aside an area that is peaceful and ventilated. It may be a corner of your bedroom or the calm garden.

Face east and keep your place as simple as you can. Place a silk or wool blanket on the floor. This insulates your body from the magnetic field of the earth.

Types Of Meditation

There are several ways to meditate, and you can opt for what fits you. And what you choose to practice it sincerely. Here are some of them-

Loving-kindness m



Breathe awareness

Kundalini m



Meditation: A Natural Health
Meditation: A Natural Health

Benefits Of Meditation

Everyone knows that meditation is good for health, but here are some benefits you will feel after it.

Meditating helps you establish a stronger connection between mind and body. Meditations are the best way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditating is helpful to increase our mental clarity.

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