Natural Health Remedies

Natural Health Remedies: Check The List

People have been using natural health remedies from ancient times. When there was no doctor or hospital, these remedies were used to treat them. Till today, their use is widespread for curing some health issues. As these are completely natural, these health remedies do not have any side effects.

8 Natural Health Remedies


The roots and leaves of this renowned herb are loaded with different minerals and nutrients. A rich source of vitamin K, magnesium, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, plant proteins and carotene, alfalfa lessens swelling, treats kidney stones, and maintain the amount of fluid in the body. Its chlorophyll helps to purify the internal organs.

Flaxseed Oil

If you are suffering from inflammation or high blood pressure, the intake of this natural oil daily will reduce both. Its antithrombotic property helps to decrease the blood clots in the body. 


It is a well-known herb that is very useful to cure the problem of poor vision as well as night blindness. The nutrients present in it enhance the circulation in the eye, which in turn removes the strain or the fatigue from the eye. It contains anthocyanins and Anthocyanosides. While the former enhances the supply of the blood in the nervous system, the latter improves the structure of collagen present in the blood vessels.

Natural Health Remedies – Peppermint

A natural herb very useful in improving digestion, peppermint is obtainable in various forms, like dried leaves or oil. You can also have peppermint gum or candy as this works as a stress buster. Many people opt for peppermint tea with the dried leaves in the morning to have an energetic start of the day.

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Natural Health Remedies: Check The List

Aloe Vera

No one needs an introduction to this natural remedy full of beneficial properties. Presence of three fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties aids the small intestines, colon as well as stomach. It improves the function of both kidneys and liver, helps in digestion and enhances the circulation of blood within the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are looking for a natural remedy that will eliminate the harmful toxins from your body and enhance digestion, go for apple cider vinegar in its raw form. The unfiltered and organic vinegar is beneficial in reducing the pain of arthritis and infection and developing memory power.

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Natural Health Remedies: Check The List

Coconut Oil

Very good for both skin and hair, this pure oil extracted from the flesh of the coconut is good for your health too. You can use it in cooking to add its goodness to your dish. If you want to moisturize your dry skin or hair, there is nothing better than coconut oil.

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Natural Health Remedies: Check The List

Natural Health Remedies – Ginger

An all-time available remedy in the kitchen, ginger can help you get rid of nausea as well as sore throats. Use it in your cooking or just make a tea by adding grated ginger in hot water. It will do wonders for curing the sore throat. If you are feeling nauseous, hold a piece of ginger in front of your nose and see the magic it creates.

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