Natural Holistic Healing with Herbs

Natural Holistic Healing

Meta Description: Natural holistic healing can be done by using nature’s wonders. These wonders are herbs found in plenty.

Nature has us wonderfully covered with all the essential nutrients and minerals that we as humans need to thrive and live healthily. A wide variety of natural herbs are quite overlooked in our daily cooking. These not only render our food delicious, they also have certain distinct fragrance and properties which impart a unique aroma and taste to our food. A lot of them have important medicinal benefits which are quite helpful in healing various medical conditions. Let us study in detail about some wonderful herbs which can assist you in a natural holistic healing process.

Natural Holistic Healing

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Here is a list of natural herbs that can help to cure many diseases.


These aromatic leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. They have wonderful health benefits such as powerful antibacterial qualities, anticancer agents and anti-inflammatory properties. These can be used in the fresh or dried form. One can eat these leaves raw every morning on an empty stomach to gain the maximum health benefits. They also help in improving digestion and relieving stress. A great way to include them in your food is by adding them to juices, soups or sprinkled over your dishes.


Popularly used in Mediterranean cuisine, parsley herbs contain a high amount of flavonoids that help in lowering your cancer risk. It is power-packed with essential oils that help in keeping the heart healthy and boosting immunity. The herb can be used in the dried form as a powder or as fresh leaves. You can sprinkle the dried herb over your dishes to enhance the taste.


This wonderful and flavorful herb is rich in antioxidants and has high amounts of manganese, iron, vitamin K and omega -3-fatty acids. It is also used to treat cough, cold and body pain owing to its anti-microbial properties. It is very useful in treating gastrointestinal disorders and other respiratory tract infections. It is commonly had with pizzas and pastas. One can just sprinkle it in the dried form over soups and salads to reap maximum benefits.


The powerful therapeutic properties of thyme are useful in the preparation of many medicines. It is very useful as an anti-bacterial, neurological and anti-fungal agent. The thymol anti-oxidant in thyme is useful for boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body. It is commonly used with tea leaves for an aromatic tea and also widely used as a fresh or dried herb in many cuisines.


Widely used in Indian cuisine due to its distinct aromatic and pungent taste, mint also has amazing medicinal benefits. It helps in curing digestive disorders and to maintain oral hygiene. It is popularly added to smoothies and juices. The leaves are power-packed with iron, fiber and vitamin C. They are great in maintaining the radiance of the skin and in keeping the hair healthy. Pudina flavored tea is commonly used to seek relief from migraines.

End Note

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Use these herbs and leaves in your salads or food. Try to eat them in a raw form for natural holistic healing.

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