Treatments That Use Herbs

Benefits of Herbal Remedies

The word “herbs” has been adopted from the Latin word, “herba” and an old French word “herbe”. Nowadays, herb refers to any part of the plant like fruit, seed, stem, flower, leaf, bark, stigma or root, as well as a non-woody plants.

Herbal remedies – It mainly refers to the use of seeds, roots, berries, leaves, bark or flowers of a plant for medicinal purposes.  It has been practiced by people of China, India, Egypt and North America for centuries. People use herbal remedies to help prevent or heal various diseases.

Benefits Of Herbs

Here are some common conditions that may be cured using herbal remedies.

Benefits of Herbal Remedies
Treatments That Use Herbs

Herbs Cures Inflammation

Turmeric, the spice found in curries that comes from the turmeric plant, has proved to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent. An effective antioxidant that’s stronger than vitamins C and E, this herb is lauded for boosting the immune system.

Cures Skin Problems

Many skin issues, like acne and eczema can be cured using herbs like dandelion and burdock root. The best part is that it helps in clearing skin issues without causing any side effects.

Another effective herb used for a skin problem that’s native to the Arizona region is chaparral. This antioxidant is developed into a tincture for skin rashes and burns. It’s particularly beneficial for people with eczema and psoriasis.

If wrinkles are your issue, herbs like hawthorn and horsetail can help stimulate and stabilize the body’s collagen production.

Flaxseed oil, origin from the flax crop and applied topically, is another herb recommended for smooth, clear skin.

Benefits of Herbal Remedies
Treatments That Use Herbs

Boosts your Energy

If you are getting enough sleep and still feeling dull, maca may be a herb worth considering. It has been touted for boost energy, stamina, and even sexual libido.

It has been generally used to balance female hormones and clinical studies have shown its effectiveness at treating menopause symptoms.

Another famous energy booster that has some clinical research to back it up is ginseng. Large quantities of data collected from human and animal studies show that this herb can significantly increase physical and intellectual capacity. It is found in North America and eastern Asia.

Blocks Brain Fog

A natural extract origin from the leaf of the Chinese ginkgo tree, ginkgo biloba is another herb commonly used to treat declining memory and improve focus. It is excellent for overall brain health because it promotes good blood circulation throughout the brain.

Acetyl-L-carnitine, an antioxidant available in supplement form that has been beneficial cognitive ability, memory, and mood in clinical studies. It works best when associated with coenzyme Q10, which is used by cells to produce the energy needed for cell growth.


Many people think that using plants to treat illness is secure than taking medicine. People have been using plants in common medicine for centuries. So, it is easy to see the attraction. Yet “herbal” does not mean safe. Unless taken as directed, some herbals can interact with other medicines or be poisonous at high doses. Also, some may cause side effects.

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