Nighttime Skin Care Routine For Men

skin care routine for men

Every day, the magazines come out with new beauty and skin care routine for men. The latest in these is the facial cleanser for men. With the help of a facial cleanser, one can maintain a clean, healthy, and fresh look for a few days. Some facial cleansers contain salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide, and other mild chemicals that aid in maintaining clear, smooth skin.

Basic Things

Most men also use a toner before using the facial cleanser. Before washing, one can use a cleanser and toner to eliminate excess oil and dirt, which could result in acne. One can also make use of a moisturizer while washing. However, it is important to choose a mild moisturizer and washcloth, as the harshness of the washcloth could result in irritation and more breakouts. When it comes to the choice between a face wash or a moisturizer, research has shown that the best solution is to use a washcloth dipped in the same moisturizer and gently pat the face until it dries.

Another important aspect of skin care for men is to apply sunscreen or a daily moisturizer, which will help shield the face from the harmful effects of sunlight and other environmental factors. It is important to note that both sunscreen and a daily moisturizer can cause wrinkles and are best used together. There are many brands of sunscreen available on the market today. Depending on one’s skin type and age, a sunscreen that best suits them can be chosen.

Buy Better Products

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For those who regularly exercise outdoors or in a hot climate, it is advisable to purchase a good face wash and toner. The best ingredients to look for when choosing a face wash and toner are phytessence wakame and sodium hyaluronate. Phytessence wakame is extracted from Japanese seas using the equianhodin method. This ingredient is known for its strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It also helps to exfoliate the skin by unclogging pores and removing excess oil, dirt and debris.

Eye cream is an important part of any skin care routine. Eye creams help to moisturize the delicate skin under the eyes and give the skin a beautiful appearance. There are many brands and options available to choose from. As with any moisturizer the key to selecting a cream that makes a difference is to look for those ingredients which make it appear and feel like you just went to a spa while looking like you just stepped off the runway.

Top Ingredients

One important ingredient to look for is the salicylic acid found in a product called Acnezine. Salicylic Acid is known for its ability to gently remove grime and makeup without drying out the skin. Look for a cream with this ingredient when you are looking to cleanse your face and treat acne as well. An effective skin cleanser is required to remove makeup and bacteria. In addition, an effective acne cream or cleanser must also be able to remove blackheads, alleviate redness and promote new skin growth.

Another ingredient to look for in a nighttime skin care routine is a facial cleanser that contains sunscreen. While many people think that a facial cleanser is only needed once a week when taking a shower, the fact is that exposure to harmful UV rays can actually age the skin much more quickly than you realize. An effective facial cleanser will protect against these harmful UV rays. An example of a facial cleanser containing sunscreen would contain the protein peptide based keratin. This ingredient has been shown to slow down the effects of aging and reduce wrinkles.


Another step that should definitely be included in your nightly skin care routine is the use of a good all natural men’s facial scrub. When choosing a men’s scrub, you will want to find one that contains all natural ingredients. You should not buy scrubs that contain parabens or other chemicals. A good scrub will also not use harsh abrasives such as apricot kernels. A good scrub will instead use a combination of ingredients that work together to stimulate the rejuvenation process of the skin. One of my favorites is the tiege hanley face scrub.

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