Popular Books On Holistic Healing That Have Changed Lives

Books On Holistic Healing

Holistic healing focuses on bringing a balance to all aspects of a person’s life, that is the body, soul, and spirit. This means it touches on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness of a person. Books on holistic healing give as the knowledge and tools to attract what we desire and find our balance in life.

These books will help you harness the power that lies in balancing your life. They will help you become self-aware and achieve optimum health and well-being. Read on through this life-changing list…

Anatomy Of The Spirit: The Seven Stages Of Power And Healing – Carolynn Myss

This is a book that will teach you how to grow into spiritual maturity and achieve physical wholeness. She uses principles from Hindu, Christian, and Kabballah traditions to show a path to physical power and spiritual maturity.

The book shows how mental and emotional patterns influence the body. It will change how you view your body and spirit for the better. To achieve that balance you seek, I recommend you read this book.

Popular Books On Holistic Healing
Popular Books On Holistic Healing

Spontaneous Healing – Andrew Weil

The author says that everyone has an inborn natural healing system. He goes on to show how we can tap this inborn power to deal with life-threatening situations in life. Weil outlines an eight-week program that shows the connection between healing and the mind, how to change our diet to improve the healing powers in us, how to reduce stress and avoid negativity around us.

The book also comes with interesting historical findings. To learn more about natural healing go on and read this book.

Meditation as Medicine – Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa & Cameron Stauth

First, if you decide to read this book, be ready to fully immerse yourself into a world of breathing exercises, chakras, mantras, and meditations. They say that it is possible to rid yourself of illnesses without medication and psychotherapy through medical meditation.

The kind of meditation that the book teaches, is one that unites the body, mind, and spirit. This kind of meditation achieves complete healing by bringing balance and complete wholeness to a person.

The Four Agreements – Miguel Ruiz

Books on Holistic Healing
Popular Books On holistic Healing

If you are searching for freedom, happiness, and love then this one of the books on holistic healing you want to read. The book uses ancient Toltec principles that will help you achieve a wholesome transformation.

The agreements teach how to be true to oneself and stand by your words. They will help you in your relations with other people and show you how to deal with stress. By focusing on these teachings, you have better insight into your progress as a person and avoid negative self-judgment.

Final Words

Aiming for wholeness and optimal wellness will help you achieve a balance in all aspects of life. This is the main goal of holistic healing. A well-balanced lifestyle improves overall general health.

I hope that with all this information you understand the importance of spiritual growth also. Most people focus on the body and neglect the spirit and end up always missing something. Treat these two things as one and strive to be all rounded. 

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