Popular Methods Of Holistic Healing

Medical Science is evolving with every passing day.

Medical Science is evolving with every passing day. There are a lot of different medications and treatments available to cure a particular illness. It completely depends on the patient to choose the way. One common and popular treatment is the conventional medical practice which suggests prescribed drugs.

Then there are a bunch of different alternative therapies. Some involve natural healing methods while some fall under the holistic healing category. However, holistic healing can be defined as an approach than a treatment method.

3 Main Methods of Holistic Healing
3 Main Methods of Holistic Healing

It basically works on the overall wellbeing of a person. Holistic healing considers the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental factors of a patient. It involves discussing the lifestyle of a patient. The doctors usually analyze factors in the lifestyle which create misbalance in the body. Holistic healing involves finding the root cause of the disease and treating it.

There are different kinds of holistic healing therapies. Read on to find out.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicines date back to almost 5000 years. Some treatments have evolved with time. However, many holistic healing treatments are still used today. They basically view the human body as a small universe of interconnected systems.

They believe that the systems work according to the physical factors and subtle energies. The holistic healing treatment involves balancing of the energies. If “qi” or “shen” is misbalanced, then it can create illness in the body.  

3 Main Methods of Holistic Healing


Ayurveda is again an ancient method of holistic healing. It originated from India in the 6th century B.C. and is still practised there.

The doctors of this treatment believe that there are five great elements of the universe and seven primary elements of the body. With that, there are three doshas which are completely interconnected. A balance of these external and internal factors determine holistic healing.

Herbal Medicine

Medicines involving herbs are the oldest form of medicine. It is because they were used to treat a person when the discovery of chemical drugs was non-existent. The healing practises of each culture relied on the plants that grew near them.

However, such holistic healing practises are still evident. It originated from Europe. Also, herbs play a significant role in healing practises of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Apart from these holistic healing treatments, there are a lot of other alternative practices as well. Some of them involve physical exercises while some of them are mind techniques.

Aromatherapy, acupuncture, auricular therapy and reflexology are some of the treatments involved. Physical forms of exercises like yoga, tai-chi and qi Gong can be used too. Holistic healing also involves meditation, reiki, hypnotherapy, cold water therapy and guided imagery.

Holistic healing approach also includes homeopathy, spiritual healing, and energy healing as well.


With the fast-paced lives and stressed working environments, it is a good idea to opt for holistic healing. It seeks to maintain a balance in the body which is the most important part. More than healing or treatment, it is an approach to everyday life. It is a conscious effort of living in a way which promotes physical, mental and emotional health.     

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