Prevent The Spread Of COVID19 -Teach Your Kids Hand Hygiene

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A kid who is of two years of age can learn the value of a good hand wash routine. Hence, you have to explain to kids that there are five steps to wash your hands. We are giving you hereafter some steps that are majorly responsible for preventing the spread of COVID19: 

  1. Wetting the hands with water and turning off the faucet.
  2. Applying soap and lathering both sides of the hand.
  3. Scrubbing in the middle of every finger and the thumb.
  4. Cleaning the area under the nails.
  5. Scrubbing the hands with soap and water for about thirty seconds.
Prevent The Spread Of COVID19 -Teach Your Kids Hand Hygiene
Prevent The Spread Of COVID19 -Teach Your Kids Hand Hygiene

Kids Go Wash Your Hands 

You could also show your kids the ads for hand sanitizers and hand wash soaps so that kids learn as they watch. Entertaining product jingles could keep your kids happy about hand washing. If your kids have a favorite actor, then show them the video of the actor that takes the hand wash challenge. This is a World Health Organization way to spread awareness and preventing the spread of COVID 19. 

You could also play special music for your kids when you tell them, “Please Child wash your hands.” This could make it more entertaining for them. Furthermore, you should especially teach kids that eating food when you do not wash your hands, means that you are consuming a lot of germs. So, wash out all the germs. You could also reward the kids when they wash hands on their own. The best way to go about it is for you to give a great example. Therefore, your kid should wash hands every time you do it yourself, which comes out to at least 10 times a day.

Preventing The Spread Of COVID19

Teach your kids that their eyes, nose, and mouth are sensitive parts, and touching these parts when you do not wash your hands can cause fever. Tell your kids that doing this is being smart, safe, and kind. You can also teach them the value of being alert and supportive at the same time. Moreover. you should give information to your children, get them prepared, make them smart, and teach them what is safe and what isn’t.

If your kid has friends and talks over the phone, they can exchange what they have learned from their respective families. This way, all the kids know that they are sailing in the same boat. Hence, if we do not let the kids talk to their peers, they would think you were punishing them without a reason by keeping them home. This can be tougher for the kids, as they need their free time. However, you should make them stay home, and fight the battle of preventing the spread of COVID19. 

Schools realize this dilemma and have started online classes for little kids. When an online teacher emphasizes the act of washing hands, and this lesson is being taught at home, then the kid learns it faster.

Prevent The Spread Of COVID19 -Teach Your Kids Hand Hygiene
Prevent The Spread Of COVID19 -Teach Your Kids Hand Hygiene

Hygiene Products – Stay Home Stay Safe 

You should introduce hygiene products to your kids. You could get them wet wipes, as well as a sanitizer. Tell them to use these items in addition to the soap and not as an alternative to soap. 

The Kids And Wash Your Hands Initiative 

You can also inform kids that this is an initiative to keep the hands clean, dry, and smelling good. The kids might enjoy the fact that they smell good. Unfortunately, children are part of the fight against the pandemic virus. So, to prevent the spread of COVID 19, they need to be taught well. Just #stayhomestaysafe

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