Preventing COVID 19 – Coronavirus Tip 101

Preventing COVID 19 - Coronavirus Tip 101

COVID 19 is spreading and there is an incumbent need to stop it from creating havoc. Let us look at the things in preventing COVID 19.

Hand Washing

There are tips to avoid the coronavirus. First is something we all know and that is one should clean their hands often. This makes sure that you remain safe even when someone who touches you has a cold and cough. If you cannot use soap and water, you can use a sanitizer. Cut your fingernails short, and do not wear jewelry when you are washing your hands. You do not need this to be harsh on the hands. 

Preventing COVID 19 - Coronavirus Tip 101
Preventing COVID 19 – Coronavirus Tip 101

Good Hygiene

This goes along with the fact that you have to stay away from coronavirus and any person who has a cough and cold. Maintain enough hygiene so that even if you rub your hands on your eyes, you do not catch an infection. You could also always use a tissue to clean your nose and eyes. If you happen to have fever, you should start antibiotics and same for medicines for cough and cold to stay away from coronavirus. 

Practice Social Distancing 

If you have not been feeling well, stay away from busy places like market areas and supermarkets. If we were to count, there are only a few ways to stay safe so that no problem takes place. One of those is to stay safe, keeping a safe distance, washing the hands, covering your mouth while coughing, and calling the helpline when you sick. 

Preventing COVID 19 - Coronavirus Tip 101
Preventing COVID 19 – Coronavirus Tip 101

Although COVID 19 is a severe illness, one can take safe steps to make sure to remain safe. There are different varieties of masks in the market which one can use so that one does not feel sick. When you are using a mask, it becomes pertinent to wash and sterilize the mask. Although pets cannot be harmful, if some problem were to occur like coughing and sneezing, you should avoid touching your pet. do not share personal items with anyone, keep your grooming products to your self. For common sense, you should stay away from coronavirus if you know that virus spreads on the surface to surface and not through the air. You do not need to obsess over cleaning or staying safe, you will do just fine with applying a few common methods described above.

Things To Remember About COVID 19 

Doctors and health staff are learning from it. It is important to remember that the virus can travel even at 6 feet distance. It travels through eyes, nose, and mouth. When you are getting news, it should only be coming from a verifiable newsroom and do not panic over fake news. 

As much as possible, work from home, offices might be the breeding ground for some viruses. You could be more at risk if you have a heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes. 

It is more or less a respiratory tract disease. Symptoms can show on your face, such as dropping off your face, unclear speech, signs of a stroke, most importantly, if you do not feel well, just stay home and self-quarantine yourself. 

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