Proper Hygiene For COVID-19: Good Hygiene For Keeping Yourself Safe

Proper Hygiene For COVID-19: Good Hygiene For Keeping Yourself Safe

The spread of COVID-19 has broken all bounds even after worldwide lockdown. So, instead of relaxing and forgetting all the rules “WHO” has ascribed, we should maintain proper hygiene for COVID-19. With proper hygiene for COVID-19, we can limit the virus’s outbreak and stay safe and healthy. As the worldwide situation is unpredictable, personal measures for safety is extremely important.

Proper Hygiene For COVID-19: Protection When You Are At Home

When you and the people around you are well, you should still maintain the proper hygiene rules. It can slow the rapid spread of the virus for better. That’s why maintaining the following guidelines become extremely crucial:

  • Even when you are at home and doing household chores, frequently washing your hands with soap and water is important. Also, even before and after you eat, you should wash your hands thoroughly. We may often don’t wash our hands after using the toilet room, but now you must.
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Proper Hygiene For COVID-19: Good Hygiene For Keeping Yourself Safe
  • Always use the alcohol-based hand sanitizers when you are unable to get your hands on soap and water. So, you should carry your own sanitizer if you have to go out for your work or grocery shopping.
  • We are used to touching our mouth, eyes, and nose now and then without conscious effort. It is potentially hazardous. In case you come close to a COVID-19 positive person, you will be at the risk of getting it. But along with taking the washing measures, if you stay away from touching the face areas, you will be safe.
  • It is important to cleaning and disinfecting the surface areas that you are touching very often. We touch the desks, doorknobs, and benchtops all the time. These are the areas that we might accidentally ignore to keep disinfected. Apart from that, you should also take care of your wallets, keys, mobile phones, and also work passes.
  • Many of us now know how to use online banking to buy things. So, using the method will prevent the hand-to-hand spread of the virus. 

Preventing The COVID-19 Spread While You Have To Go Out For Work

It is impossible to stay inside the home when your work requires you to join the office as soon as possible, so you have to extra careful about your every step and make proper hygiene a ritual even in the office.

  • In case it is possible to work from your home or any remote area without traveling, you can opt for it.
maintaining proper hygiene to prevent coronavirus outbreak
Proper Hygiene For COVID-19: Good Hygiene For Keeping Yourself Safe
  • While you have no other option but visit your office, try to maintain at least a 2-meter distance between you and others. No matter whoever coughs, sneezes, or talks, liquid droplets from will come outside from nose or mouth. In case a person contains the virus, it will spread rapidly. Anyone can breathe in the air droplets that contain the virus.
  • Unless you have to visit a crowded area, it is best to avoid such places. It is not the time to hangouts with friends and loved ones outside your home. Avoid situations where people come together in large crowds. As the spread of the virus has gone extremely high, it is not impossible to come in close contact with it.

In case you or your colleagues feeling unwell, the person should stay at home. If anyone has any symptoms, it is better to go for a medical checkup.

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