Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Simple Steps To Follow

Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Simple Steps To Follow

As the pandemic is hitting havoc all across the world, how will you protect yourself from COVID-19? Of course, everyone is feeling anxious about safety. The internet and social media have plenty of misinformation to make you feel more stressed. It is really difficult to understand which information is valid and which are best to avoid. So, you must learn about the right facts on the virus. When you would have the right information in your hand, you will take the required steps for virus prevention. Here are some ways to protect yourself from COVID-19?

Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Modes Of Transmission

Coronavirus affects the respiratory system of both humans and animals. This virus belongs to the Coronavirinae subfamily. Various types of coronavirus are common, such as 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1. MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. These are strains that cause acute respiratory syndrome. In recent times, the new strain is SARS-CoV-2 that’s causing COVID-19. 

Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Simple Steps To Follow
Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Simple Steps To Follow

Respiratory droplets generated from sneezes coughs, or during talks spread the virus. Droplets, settled on, mouth, nose, or eyes of a person leads to infection transmission. When you touch your face areas with contaminated hands, the virus can move to your respiratory tract. As the respiratory droplets can’t stay suspended in the air, you must maintain the distance of at least 6 feet away with an infected person. Coronaviruses can contaminate any surfaces which will remain as infective for a few days. So, when you come in contact with such a surface, it can transmit to your face area. 

Preventing The Transmission Of Coronavirus

In case you get diagnosed with COVID-19 positive, healthcare providers will decide whether you should be hospitalized or can stay at your place. When you receive advice to stay at home, you will get monitored by the state healthcare department. But you have to stick to these rules for sure:

  • Do not leave your home unless you need medical care. You must restrict your activities just to your home while avoid visiting any public areas.
  • Most importantly, you must confine yourself in a room away from your family members that include pets. It is best to avoid snuggling, sharing food, or kissing animals.
  • Before you visit a doctor, you must give a call and take a medical appointment. You should let the doctor know beforehand so that they take care of protection.
  • Always wear a mask whenever you are stepping outside to a public place. When you are sneezing and coughing, you must cover your mouth. You have to throw away the tissue at the right place after use one you have used them.
  • Never share your personal items at this time with anyone in your home or outside. From personal items, the contamination can spread fast.
  • With the surfaces you are coming in contact with must be cleaned every day a few times, or else, others may contract the virus from you.
Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Simple Steps To Follow
Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Simple Steps To Follow

Protection Of Healthy People Of COVID-19 Affected Person

  • When a person in their home is infected, other members must maintain the precaution guide laid by the healthcare provider. In case the symptoms become worse, you must inform the healthcare provider.
  • The healthy members should stay in a different room from the infected person to avoid transmission.

In case you have to use a shared space, there should be good ventilation and air circulation is good.

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