Sacred Roots – Holistic Healing with Sacred Roots

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This book provides an excellent overview of the different healing methods including energy healing. It also gives you an understanding of the benefits and dangers associated with specific healing methods. It is one of few books which discusses the topic of energy healing safely and clearly. Sacred Roots also covers the subject of aura manipulation and chakra balancing.

 Provides An Excellent Introduction To Energy Healing

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This book provides an excellent introduction to energy healing. You will learn about the different methods such as Reiki, Chi Kung, Kundalini, meditation, spiritual energies and crystals. Sacred Roots also explains what each of these methods are and why they are beneficial for your health. You will also learn about the healing properties of the five elements which are wood, earth, fire, metal and water. This includes information on how to use them correctly as well as how to incorporate them into your daily life in order to obtain greater benefits.

Subject Of The Aura And Chakras

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Sacred Roots also touches on the subject of the aura and chakras. They explain the role of the chakras in healing as well as the importance of maintaining good health. The use of crystals and stones in holistic healing is also covered. Dr. Oakes even gives some interesting details on using herbs for holistic healing.

This book is unique in the sense that it does not leave out anything. It is just a collection of healing methods, which are presented in an easy to understand way. Even those who do not have any interest in the subject will still find this book useful. People who feel that conventional medical treatment has failed them will benefit from taking this course. It can also help those who are skeptical of alternative methods of healing. Sacred Roots is a great addition to anyone’s library.

Uses Techniques Such As Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, And Herbalism

Sacred Roots energy healing uses techniques such as Reiki, massage, yoga, color therapy, aromatherapy, and herbalism. These healing methods are combined in order to provide maximum results. Most of these techniques have been used in other healing traditions for centuries. However, it is interesting to learn that an American publisher decided to include these ancient techniques in a book for modern readers.

Last Words 

I really enjoyed this first chapter. I know this book may appeal to many readers because of the title, but after reading the entire book I realized that the natural healing practices were really good stuff. Sacred Roots really provides a unique perspective on natural healing that I think people will enjoy. I also think that there is an important message in this book for anyone who is interested in personal change, regardless of their beliefs. This book definitely scratches the surface of a lot of topics that are important to holistic healing, but it is not the complete book on the topic.

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