Simple Skin Care – Why Choose Simple?

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Simple Skin Care is a British manufacturer of skin care products and soap, specifically designed for very sensitive skin. It is manufactured by Dove, a well-known brand owned by Unilever. The Simple brand includes products that are designed to be used on very dry or dehydrated skin. All of the products in the Simple Skin Care range are very gentle and are suitable for normal everyday use.

One of the most popular products from the Simple brand is their Face Moisturizer. This product is designed to moisturize the skin and soothe the dryness and irritation of very dry or aging skin. It contains natural ingredients such as olive oil and shea butter. They are gentle and add softness to the skin without causing any itching or irritation. This brand also contains a special cream that when used on the face adds the much needed moisture to the skin, and prevents it from drying out.

An Overview

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The Simple brand also manufacture a range of cleansers and moisturisers that are suitable for all skin types. It is always advisable to read the labels of any skin care product you purchase and make sure that it contains only natural ingredients. This will ensure your safety and the effectiveness of your skin care regimen. Many beauty products nowadays contain synthetic ingredients that can be very harmful to your health. Although many of these chemicals are banned from use in various parts of the world, they are still present in small quantities in a great variety of skin care products.

As with all skin care brands Simple does not go out of its way to advertise the use of its products on TV or in magazines. Although this is a wise strategy, it may be perceived as a form of marketing by some people. This brand avoids the use of advertising on TV or magazine covers to try to build up its brand name. This policy has led to an increased loyalty from consumers, who appreciate a well made product without the need to advertise.

Simple Skincare Ideas And Facts

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Despite this, Simple is one of the few cosmetic companies that continue to participate in television and magazine advertising campaigns. They have even been known to participate in TV shows such as Topix. However, this is only a small part of their marketing budget. The brand believes that by using its position in popular culture and by participating in various media engagements, it will increase its share of the market.

As with all skin care brands, Simple has its own line of make-up and skincare ranges. Their range of moisturisers is particularly good value for money, being produced to closely match the needs of different skin types and having a pleasant fragrance. The range also includes a range of facial creams and face masks which are highly recommended by friends, family and skin care experts. If you spend a little more money on the Simple range of products, you can also buy them in cream and lotion forms.

The brand also makes a range of body creams and body lotions which it markets specifically to men. These are available in both oily and dry formulations and include a range of products aimed at improving the general health and well being of the skin in general, rather than particular problem areas, such as acne. They also provide some useful tips and information about how to take care of your skin, which is always reassuring from a brand whose management is particularly conscious of how people feel about themselves when they have a youthful, fair skin. There are also specific products targeted at women and Simple’s research shows that around 85% of women purchase the brand’s body lotion.

In The End

Another advantage of buying Simple products is that they are easily obtained online. You don’t have to trawl through high street stores looking for a specific product. Instead you can buy products that are specific to your needs and delivered right to your door. This is particularly good news for those who cannot wait to try out a new product.

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