Skincare Routine Order of Business – Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing

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What should you do when faced with a facial cleanser order? When you see the word “order” on the bottle or notice a sign on the counter that asks for your “priority.” The last thing you want to feel is overwhelmed! Facial cleansers are one of the most important purchases you will make this year. Ideally, the point of any facial skincare routine is to provide you with acne-free, glowing, even skin.

Face It

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 Many of us are tired of hearing about all of the chemicals that are supposedly in skincare products. There is so much talk about parabens and dioxane these days that you wonder if you are buying all of this stuff without a clue. The truth is that many of these dangerous ingredients are actually in some of the most popular skincare products, and they are often not listed on the product labels. This is because many of the big companies tend to use these types of chemical additives in just about everything they make.

This is why you need to pay attention to any facial skincare order you are given. Many times the ingredients listed will be an ingredient called retinol. What is retinol and what does it do? 

Here is a quick review

Retinol, also known as tretinoin, is a form of vitamin A. It is available as a cream or lotion and works by retarding cell turnover (cell turnover is what causes your face to look old), which means that your face will not be turning over as often and there will be fewer new wrinkles forming. This is what you want, so pay close attention to any skincare routine that mentions oil-based makeup removers.

Another ingredient that you should be paying close attention to is called Kaolin. Kaolin is an extract from clay found in Asian countries. It is said to help reduce wrinkles by unclogging the pores. What this means is that it works as a soap for your pores and works to keep them clean and healthy skin cells, while tightening and smoothing your skin as well.

In addition to using a toner, you also need to be using a good cleansing and toning soap. Unfortunately, most cleansers contain harsh synthetic ingredients that can strip away your skin’s natural oils. For example, you might be using a cleansing mask, but in reality, that mask is containing 5.5% sodium lauryl sulfate, which is considered a foaming agent, will strip away your natural oils, along with irritating your skin. This is why you should include a good toner in your skincare routine.

Once you have cleansed and toned, you will want to begin to moisturize. The best way to do this is to use a good moisturizer that contains clay extracts. Clay acts as a non-foaming agent, which is ideal when it comes to keeping moisture locked in and for the skin to retain its natural oils. Many people like to use clay masks during their daily routine. These masks can be purchased at almost any drug store or department store.

A couple of things that you should consider doing every single day are applying a moisturizer to your face and then applying your makeup. When you are applying a moisturizer to your face, you will want to use a cream or gel. You do not have to purchase the expensive brand that you see on the television, rather you can use a cheaper brand that is just as effective. The type of moisturizer that you end up choosing will depend on what type of skin care regimen you are following.

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