Social Distancing For COVID-19: What You Must Do

Social Distancing For COVID-19

Social distancing is a new term that surfaced in the midst of COVID-19 spread. It’s the way we can avoid close contact with anyone at any public place. In case you are living alone or have a single parent with one or two children, you can meet with others in your locality. It will be a support bubble to relax your stressed mind. So, what are the ways, to maintain social distancing for COVID-19:

Why Practice Social Distancing?

The spread of COVID-19 is among the people who come in close contact for a long period. COVID-19 spread is happening when a COVID-19 positive patient, talks, sneezes, or coughs. The droplets from their mouth or nose get launched into the air and land nearby people. Accidentally, people can inhale the droplets into their lungs.

social distancing
Social Distancing For COVID-19: What You Must Do

Recent studies revealed that even asymptomatic people are also playing a huge role with the COVID-19 spread. As people can be unaware of their infection without having symptoms or tests, they can spread the virus. That’s why it is necessary to stay at least 6 feet away from others. Social distancing is crucial for all who are at the risk of severe illness from coronavirus attack.

In case you are COVID-19 positive and have consistent symptoms of COVID-19, it is crucial that you stay at home. Do not move outside until you fully recover from the virus attack. Of course, you have to get negative in your COVID-19 test before you come in contact with other people.

Social Distance: Do’s And Don’ts

For the right way, social distancing for COVID-19, you must know what things you should be doing first:

  • When you go out to a public place or go to any neighboring household, at least try to keep 2 meters distance. If the household doesn’t fall under your support bubble, then you may relax the distance.
  • No matter what you are touching and what you are doing, very often wash your hands. You should be doing this at least 20 seconds.
  • You can use hand sanitizer gel with above 70% alcohol if you don’t have access to water and soap immediately.
  • However, after reaching home, always use soap and water to cleanse your hands thoroughly.
  • You can cover your nose and mouth with tissues or simply with sleeve during cough or sneezing. It is best to avoid the handkerchief.
  • You can always keep used tissues in your bin immediately while washing your hands afterward.
  • When it is about transportation, always choose social distancing options. Therefore, it is best to move by private car. In case you don’t have access to private transport options, you must maintain all the social distancing norms. Otherwise, you and others will be at risk of contracting the virus. If it is asymptomatic, it will be difficult to tell who is infected.
  • In this time, your social activities should be restricted. Instead of meeting your friends and family in person, contact them in a video call, audio call, or via normal social media.

What you shouldn’t be doing is simple but heavy to maintain:

  • You may want to touch your nose, mouth, or eyes, don’t when your hands are dirty. It can lead to the direction of inhaling the virus.
Maintaining social distancing
Social Distancing For COVID-19: What You Must Do

Social Distancing For COVID-19: Face Coverings

No matter where you go, always try to wear a face covering. You should always wear something that would cover your mouth and nose completely. Of course, it is not possible not to go outside, but prevention is possible. In some areas, you should be wearing a face-covering like on public transport, when you are visiting someone in the hospital or taking hospital appointments or in shops. However, some people shouldn’t wear face coverings. People like children who are under three and have breathing difficulties.

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