Some Cold Remedy Homeopathy For You

cold remedy homeopathy

Cold is one of the most troubling medical conditions that people want to get rid of as soon as possible. The common symptoms include headache, sneezing, stuffy nose, etc. Many times patients also suffer from body pain. Cold remedy homeopathy is the best way to cure a cold and other related problems.

Nux Vomica For Cure Blocked Nose In Cold

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During the cold, if your nose is blocked during both night and day and also feels watery nose, you might want to wrap your full body. Nux Vomica gives great results in this critical condition. It will remove nose blockage and you will feel better just after one dose.

Arsenic Album – A Cold Remedy Homeopathy For Runny Nose

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Arsenic Album provides a cure for the common cold and a thin watery liquid comes continuously from your nose. If you overlook it even a single day, you will feel a burning sensation in your nose especially while sneezing. A cold room is more harmful to a patient as an infection can get worse. A warm room is best for relief.

Gelsemium For Cold With Headache

When anyone suffers from a severe cold, head pain and fever are common symptoms. Gelsemium provides the best cure for this cold. You may also have sneezing, a watery nose, and you feel sleepy and drowsy. In critical condition, you might not like to drink even a small cup of water.

Belladonna – A Cold Remedy Homeopathy Especially For Throat Paining

Belladonna is the best homeopathy medicine for throat pain in the cold. In this case, the throat is dry and inflamed and you might also feel worse pain whenever you eat anything. The patient may also have a cough with a headache. So, you should take Belladonna gives relieve from throat paining within an hour. You can at least easily eat anything in the cold.

Aconite- For Cold Cause Of Cold Air

Aconite is the most effective and best remedy for cold. If you suffer from the cold due to cold air, then you must use the only aconite for relief. The symptoms of this cold include a stuffy nose, sneezing. The patient also feels anxiety and restlessness. He or She likes to drink cold water.

For Sneezing With Cold

Sabadilla is the best natural medicine for cold remedy homeopathy that provides excessive sneezing treatment. If the patient suffers from a cold with sneezing and a continuously running nose, he must take an effective cure.

Allium Cepa also works as Sabadilla. When the patient also suffers from burning during sneezing, you can prefer Allium Cepa for relief within half an hour.

For Running Nose With Cold

Arum triphyllum is the best remedy if the discharge that comes from the nose is excoriating and acrid type. Your nose is constantly running and gives an unpleasant smell but you feel blocked.

Allium Cepa is a great cold remedy for homeopathy especially if you have a running nose. If the patient has a watery discharge, headache, sneezing, and also the patient feels burning and irritating in the nose. They should take Allium Cepa.


The patient suffers from many problems including fever, a watery nose, headache, and throat pain in the cold. Homeopathy is the best cure to get rid of the problems and feel fine in a few hours.

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