Success Depends On Self Discipline And Confidence

Success Depends On Self Discipline And Confidence

Success is such a thing that you can achieve with your confidence. I believe it is the primary underlying principle of all success. Think about it. What departs the massively prosperous from the failed one in any field? Not much. We all eat. Everyone drinks water. We all will die. There is very little that we have control over in life. One thing to separate a successful from an unsuccessful person is his discipline. If you have self-discipline, you take control of your self. If you can’t control yourself, the one thing you can control, then how can you expect to succeed? Think of any successful trait, and underlying it will be self-discipline. Courage, willpower, hard work involve going against your emotions and your natural inclinations.

You Can Only Change A Handful Of Habits To Achieve Success

So, the first order of business is for the people who want to learn discipline. He has to limit the number of things that need control. Don’t attempt to:
wake up early, start going to the gym, quit caffeine, work longer hours,
and learn a new instrument all at the same time.

Instead, pick the habit that will have the most significant impact on your overall life and well being. You might decide to wake up earlier to go to the gym, work longer, and make time to play an instrument.

Success Depends On Self Discipline And Confidence
Success Depends On Self Discipline And Confidence

If you can change one new habit every month, this means that in 12 months, you can successfully.

1. Start waking up at 5 a.m.
2. Start going to the gym (or at least being physically active) every day
3. Quit sugar
4. Quit caffeine
5. Adhere to the paleo diet
6. Study meditation for at least half an hour per day
7. Journal for 15 minutes a morning
8. Read for 60 minutes a day
9. Stop watching TV
10. Eliminate porn
11. Practice a musical instrument or other skill-based activity
12. Quit your biggest bad behavior

However, if you try and change all of this at once, you’ll end up changing nothing. Moreover, you will fail to make real progress.

Make It Easy

If you want to achieve success with self-discipline, get it by altering your environment to serve your goals.

If you want to lose weight, throw out all of your sugary foods. Order your groceries from Instacart (so you can’t throw snacks and crap into the buggy). Moreover, prepare healthy meals to make it easy to stick to a diet.
If you want to exercise more, get a membership at a gym that is close to your work. Or you can buy an Iron Gym pull up bar and some kettlebells so that you can easily exercise throughout the day.

If you want to be less distracted at work, install a Facebook newsfeed blocker. Use other website blocking apps so that you can focus.

Make it incredibly easy to stick to your new habits and behaviors. However, and you’ll be more likely to see them through until the end.

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