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What is a Muesli skin care line? Musely is an internet-based skin care consulting service run by medical doctors and skin care specialists. It lets dermatologists and pharmacists offer specialized medical care to those with many different skin issues using telemedicine technologies. It was created by two dermatology specialists, Dr. Sam Rubenstein and Mrs. Elaine Tsutsumi, who have both had years of experience in telemedicine. They made their skincare products and lines completely affordable so everyone can use them.

An Overview

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The basic philosophy of the products is simple: dry, flaky skin requires the ingredients to be in a liquid form to work. That is why all of their creams and lotions are in a gel form-they are easily absorbed and will dissolve quickly under the tongue or lip. Each of the products in the Enure line has a medical grade acid in it to help reduce redness and inflammation. There is also an anti-inflammatory gel in Musely that helps reduce swelling and pain when a pimple gets out of control. If the pain is too much for a dermatologist to handle, he or she can dispense pain relievers with the help of a pharmacist on the premises.

The biggest difference between Musely and other brands is that it does not use active ingredients that will change the natural properties of the skin. Instead, it concentrates on what is to be treated, which is the skin and its moisture. Active ingredients such as collagen and elastin cannot penetrate the skin, so they are ineffective. They also will not work on oily skin, which is common among teens and women in their early twenties. This line focuses on using ingredients that can reach into the pores and nourish the skin, restoring its natural suppleness and softness.

Facts On Complete Solution For All Skin Types

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There are four ingredients in Musely’s line, and each is designed to treat different skin conditions and concerns. First in the line is a cream called Age Defying Moisturizer. This is a very lightweight moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling light and refreshed. It contains natural ingredients such as retinol, vitamin B5, and aloe vera. An age defying body cream is always used when one is concerned about sagging, dull skin, since it helps restore elasticity. Niacinamide, another ingredient in the product, helps reduce wrinkles by making skin more resistant to wrinkling.

Another in the line of Skin Care products that was developed with active ingredients that will reverse skin aging and combat skin problems is Acnezine. It is made with all natural ingredients and it targets acne scars, which is caused by overexposure to the sun. It is effective against mature acne as well as smaller blemishes, but if you have active acne, you should consult your dermatologist before using this product. It is also effective against under-eye skin problems.

Telemedicine makes use of its proprietary technology to create a one-on-one consultations with dermatologists, doctors, and skin care experts, allowing you to receive medical treatment without leaving your home. Facial consultations are now possible through telemedicine, and your consultations will be done by trained telemedicine specialists. You can be treated safely, fast, and at a very affordable price. You will never have to worry about a sudden medical emergency or a trip to the emergency room because of an aching face. You will simply visit a telemedicine office, and a dermatologist will assist you in receiving the medical treatment you need, as soon as possible.

In The End

Musely has a variety of top-notch ingredients that help in reducing blemishes, rashes, and scars. Their treatment plan includes everything that you need to eliminate scars, smooth out wrinkles, and treat common skin conditions like acne, keratosis pilaris, and eczema. Your doctor will be able to determine which ingredients are best to use on your type of skin. You will receive the recommended dose within 60 days of starting the treatment, and you will not be required to pay a dermatologist consultation fee. This is a complete solution for anyone who is looking for the safest, most effective, and most affordable method of treatment available today.

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