The Harmful Effects Of Wearing A Mask

The Harmful Effects Of Wearing A Mask

With the advent of COVID-19, everyone around us has become cautious. Those that were cautious already became over-cautious, and those that never washed their hands started washing them wherever and whenever possible.

The Harmful Effects Of Wearing A Mask
The Harmful Effects Of Wearing A Mask

Staying indoors has become a thing. It can save everybody and prevent people from catching COVID-19. For those people who have to go out to get the groceries, keep their vehicles’ batteries running, or for those who want to go for a stroll in their buildings, the use of wearing a mask is a must.

This mask has been the friend of many people who wore it to prevent pollutants, dust, allergens, pollens, and even harmful gases from entering their respiratory tracts. Wear it to prevent the entry of COVID-19. 

Harmful Effects Of Wearing Mask Amidst The Advent Of COVID-19

  1. Wearing a mask for too long makes the exhaled carbon dioxide to enter your lungs through your nose once again. This makes the person touch their eyes. In that case, if the person has contracted COVID-19 from any place, they are letting it enter through their hands to their eyes.

Symptoms Pertaining To Carbon Dioxide Toxicity

  • Diminished eyesight
  • Mild narcosis
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Tremors in the muscles
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Reduced ability of hearing 
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Profuse sweating of the skin
  • Profound drowsiness
  • Profound dizziness
  • Unconsciousness (if worn for too long)
  1. Letting the exhaled air into the respiratory tract causes the human body to feel dizzy, discomfort to the point of loss of reflexes, and increased fatigue.
  2. For those people who have not worn their masks properly, they can suffer from:
    1. Shortage of oxygen
    2. Suffocative feeling
    3. Respiratory trouble
    4. Heart attack
  3. Immunity gets depressed. Wearing a mask prevents the oxygen present in the environment from entering your lungs. Thereby, troubling the immune cells. If the immunity is lowered, then the ability to fight off and ward off diseases gets reduced. Elderly people and children are prone to infections.
  1. Over time, the use of mask causes the skin to get prone to rashes, allergies, itchiness, and redness. Plus, if you are wearing makeup or some beauty product, the accumulation of the material of the mask along with sweat and beauty products can be drastically damaging to the skin.
  1. At this point in time, the people who are most prone to getting affected by the harmful effects of wearing a mask are the medical field personnel. Continuous duty hours, where they forget to eat, sleep, laugh, relax, breathe, and now, remove the masks, they are prone to suffering from severe acute respiratory syndrome. One that includes dry cough, muscular pains, difficulty in breathing, fever, headaches, weakness, and shortness of breath. 
The Harmful Effects Of Wearing A Mask
The Harmful Effects Of Wearing A Mask

Take-Home Message

  1. Avoid wearing a mask for too long.
  2. Remove it when you are not surrounded by people.
  3. Only wear a mask when you are in a crowded place 
  4. Stop touching your mask.
  5. Practice yoga to keep your lungs healthy
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