Holistic Healing And Nursing

The Purpose Of Holistic Nursing

The therapy that cures a person through holistic healing is holistic nursing. The goal of this method is to heal a person in terms of their body, environment, spirit, mind, and emotion. The basic principle of holistic nursing is based on the philosophy of living and being. It consists of caring, connecting with the patient and creating a relationship. Although, the role of a holistic nurse is to recognize, integrate and express the principles of holistic healing. It is applicable in both, day to day life and clinical procedures. But, the training itself include a lot of things and constitutes of integrating self-responsibility, self-care, and spirituality.

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The Purpose Of Holistic Healing & Nursing

History Of Holistic Healing & Nursing

Looking back in time, we havnd e seen Florence Nightingale commence the holistic nursing methods. Consequently nursing became a profession by the end of 20th century. It widely gained acceptance and appreciation in western countries. In the later 1970s, various nursing scholars have elaborately described nursing. A holistic nursing theory exists for this purpose only. It consist of a worldview of multidimensional nursing foundation. This theory explains the vital components and duties of nursing. Various researches have influenced the development of holistic nursing. They are based on linking the body with the mind and the patient-centered care.

The AHNA or American Holistic Nurses Association founded in 1980 is a foundation for holistic healing treatments. It has been serving as an education, research and practice center for nurses. The AHNCC, also known as American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation founded in the year 1997 provides diploma certification and nurses for holistic care and treatment.

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The Purpose Of Holistic Healing & Nursing

Holistic Healing As A Specialty Practice

Well, holistic nursing is a specialty practice recognized by the American Nurses Association or ANA in the year 2006. Since then,holistic healing and caring became a prestigious profession. In fact, the specialty status helped in building the foundation of the profession for nurses. It is a mirror image of the entire nursing fraternity to the healthcare professionals and the rest of the world.

Holistic Cure As A Forefront Of Healthcare

Healthcare fraternity has come forward to promote holistic nursing. It now has become an integral part of healthcare. Likewise,holistic healing and care have created a bond of understanding and care among patients, nurses and doctors. An integrative care system initiated by holistic nursing has made the treatment procedures much easier. Various students across the world are enrolling into holistic healthcare programs. Thus the AANC (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) revised the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice in the year 2008. This resulted in the betterment of nursing education programs.

The PPAHC stands for Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. The goal was to foresee the future of healthcare and holistic nursing together. Through this act, the patient-centered cares will get proper attention and healthcare services. As a result, after the delivery of this act the holistic care strategized itself. It created an effective and preventive care system, coordinated service structure and a strong foundation of holistic healing and care.

All these elements made the holistic treatment procedures gain popularity and acceptance across the globe. Today, we see it as an effective measure and a part of our treatment procedures.

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