Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Treating Yourself At Home

Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Treating Yourself At Home

You can treat mild COVID-19 symptoms at your home with the right preparation for the same. Experts say that to treat mild COVID-19 symptoms, you will need to arrange some supplies. Your grocery items, vegetables, and fresh fruits are must to have beside canned goods.

As we maintain social distancing, most of us have already stocked up some food and various supplies. However, most people haven’t thought about what to do in case they have to self-quarantine themselves. Though there is a lockdown in the world, still epidemiologists believe that the virus will reach most of the world’s population. However, the studies show that almost 80% of people have mild or moderate symptoms. So, you can get well soon at your home. You will need a good plan along with some necessary stuff for the time.

Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Treating Yourself At Home
Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Treating Yourself At Home

Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Creating An Action Plan

When you are preparing for a home quarantine, you have to make a good action plan. Also, you must stock essential supplies for the isolation period. Having a list of emergency contacts and ways to communicate with your family is crucial in the time. Apart from that, you must know how you will get your food if you stay alone. As it is essential to stay clean and fresh, you will need sanitizing wipes, which are soaps apart from facial tissue and toilet paper. 

Critical Supplies For The Time

  • Clean Water

If you contract COVID-19, your top priority of items will be water. As COVID-19 is a viral infection, for its treatment, you will comfort and stay well as the body heals. In this time, your body should remain hydrated with plenty of fluids in case the fever is high. Dehydration can rob a person of any key nutrients.

  • Medications

At this time, one feels body aches, headaches, and some also have a mild fever. So, stocking some pain medicines are extremely important. However, do take the advice of a reputed healthcare professional.

Many mild to moderate COVID-19 affected people are contracting a strong cough. In case you have any respiratory condition, it is best to stock on the cough medicines too. Do store some extra inhalers along with other medications, if you have asthma or any other respiratory illness.

  • Zinc

Zinc has made its place among the popular suggestions for reducing the symptoms of coronavirus. However, there is no direct evidence that proves that zinc lozenges can treat COVID-19.

  • Vitamin C

When our immune cells work harder due to the outbreak, vitamin C plays a crucial role. You should include vitamin C-enriched food on your daily diets to improve your health condition.

  • Herbal Remedies

Tumeric and ginger are two incredible sources of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. In households, people use ginger to fight off stomach-related problems and cold. Turmeric offers lots of health benefits.

  • Thermometer

You must buy a thermometer for yourself before going for self-quarantine at your home. If there are other members, it is best to have a separate thermometer for yourself.

  • Tissues, Extra Sheets, Towels, And Pajamas

When you are sick, you will contaminate every surface that you come across. So, those areas need to be disinfected, and you must have pajamas and tops to change your clothes.

Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Treating Yourself At Home
Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Treating Yourself At Home

Things To Swipe Away Your Boredom

During your self-isolation, you have to take care of your mental health. Otherwise, you may feel vulnerable to having the symptoms and panic. Panic can exaggerate a symptom in a worse way possible. Let your mind focus on some light entertainment. You can arrange books, video games, movies, and various other options to keep your mind occupied.

Treat Mild COVID-19 Symptoms: Have Numbers Of Local Healthcare Provider

When any of your family members or you have an extremely high fever or other discomforting symptoms, do call on the number. It is important to take advice from healthcare professionals for the next step.

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