Using Home Medication For COVID-19: Treating It At Home

Using Home Medication For COVID-19: Treating It At Home

All the updates say that at least 80% of people who are infected by the virus are asymptomatic. Some people are facing mild symptoms like sore throat, mild fever, runny nose, etc., and it is possible to treat it using home medication for COVID-19 when the symptoms are mild. So, when and how should you be using home medication for COVID-19? You don’t want to exaggerate the symptoms but treat the virus in smart ways.

Using Home Medication For COVID-19: Knowing The Symptoms

Before you start your home medication, you should thoroughly know about the symptoms. Not every symptom is the effect of coronavirus. The symptoms of COVID-19 positivity are fever, continuous cough, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, headaches, extreme fatigue, sore throat, and body aches. If you are experiencing on and off fever and continuous cough for some days, it is better to self-isolate yourself immediately. In case you are experiencing mild symptoms, there is no need to seek medical help.

Using Home Medication For COVID-19: Treating It At Home
Using Home Medication For COVID-19: Treating It At Home

However, you must learn what to do next if you are facing severity like this:

  • Are you unable to cope with these regular symptoms? Is it a bit severe than what you have experienced before? In case you are unable to cope with the symptoms at your home, it is best to take medical help.
  • You are feeling the conditions are becoming severe day-by-day.
  • Your fever is staying for several days now, and you are feeling unwell or having more symptoms after a week. Do not stay at home unless you can take care of the symptoms.
  • Are you feeling uncomfortable doing everyday tasks like checking the phone, getting out of bed, or reading? Your health is probably very bad.

Looking After Yourself At Your Home

When we encounter viruses like flu or colds, we take our utmost care at home. If you are COVID-19 positive but with mild symptoms or asymptomatic, you should give yourself time to recover.

  • In this time, you should be drinking plenty of fluids. Every day, drinking enough water is important to keep your pee clear or pale. When you are sick, it is best to avoid alcohol, or else, you will get dehydrated.
  • You should take plenty of rest to recover from the sickness well as you become extremely weak. Anyhow, keep yourself away from other family members, if you have any symptoms of the virus. It is advisable to avoid any type of strenuous activity in these times.
  • For treating the symptoms at home, you can take over-the-counter medicines.

Medications To Use For Certain Symptoms

There are no sure medications or vaccines against the virus yet. So, treatment care aims to manage the symptoms with proper medications. Here are some medications that you can try in case you are not feeling severely ill:

can you use home medication for COVID-19
Using Home Medication For COVID-19: Treating It At Home


During a common cold, flu, or any other viral infection, we use simple painkillers most of the time. You will get paracetamol, ibuprofen widely. But France’s health minister claimed in March that NSAIDs could increase the COVID-19 infection risk and complications. But still, the evidence is not sufficient at all to make any concrete decision by WHO.


It is best to avoid antibiotics to treat COVID-19. Antibiotics can’t improve the coronavirus symptoms. Only if you have prescribed antibiotics from a doctor as you are having these symptoms now, only then take them with professional guidance.

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