What Are Some Holistic Veterinary Healing Arts Benefits

holistic veterinary healing

Holistic veterinary care is a growing trend in today’s world. It is replacing traditional veterinary medicine. Many people are turning to holistic veterinary medicine because it is less expensive. Plus it is more effective at curing your pets of all their diseases and illnesses. And it gives them the comfort and confidence that they are treating the ailment naturally and not being injected with medications.

Holistic Veterinary Healing Without Injected With Medication

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One such example of holistic veterinary healing is Julie the giraffe. When Julie became ill, her owner filled her body with medication. Then she was put on a euthanasia stay and died at the vet. Her owner kept her alive for ten days before taking her off life support. During the ten days of hospice, she became extremely ill and passed away at the age of 4 from drowning.

Since Julie lived so long without being groomed, the vet did not know she had a HVH. But because of her consistent poor health, the vet knew something was wrong. And when it came to grooming, the usual recommendation would be to spend time with your cat or dog.

Recommend To Be With Your Pet

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In this case, the veterinarian decided to spend time with Julie by giving her CPR. After CPR, the vet noticed that Julie’s heart was beating irregularly. Because of this, the vet thought it might be a heart attack. At that point, the holistic veterinary healing vet contacted CPR and started CPR with great success. By doing this, the holistic veterinary healing vet made sure the death of Julie was quick and natural.

Another example of holistic veterinary healing is Germantown, PA. When Amy, a 10-year-old, went in for routine X-rays, the radiologist explained that while X-rays were showing a normal picture, there were three things that needed to be looked at. The doctor on staff recommended acupuncture, but before the patient could make a decision about that option, the vet gave her a pamphlet on holistic medicine, and then explained that while some traditional doctors did not believe in acupuncture, some of them used it incorrectly.

Proper Treatment With Less Expensive

Amy had gone to germantown so she could get a full check up. While she was waiting for her appointment, she noticed her grooming table and the scissors were covered with burlap and paper. She asked the receptionist if she could see the instruments. The receptionist told her no. Then Amy decided she would try to find a way in between germantown and Montgomery college, the two places where she went to school.

On her way to Germantown, she stopped off at the humane society. While looking through the listings, she noticed that there was an address listed for a man by the same name. When she asked for information about him, she was told that he worked with horses and she wanted to see if he did holistic veterinary healing. Amy made a quick phone call to the office and was told that he did holistic veterinary healing and that his experience was in horse and pony care. She asked if she could visit him, and the receptionist told her that he did not offer that type of counseling, but she could visit his office if she felt comfortable.

Final Words

While on her way home, Amy noticed that the door to her apartment was open, and she could see a man inside. She asked who owned the place. The woman said that it was her ex-boyfriend’s place. Amy wanted to ask more questions, but her mother told her not to bother because her ex-boyfriend was going through a difficult time and didn’t feel like answering any more questions. But Amy felt comforted by the fact that her former veterinarian was not only an expert on horse and pony care, but also knew a lot about holistic veterinary healing.

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