What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

The stress regarding both the family and professional matters of everyday life exhausts us. So, we need some time to be aloof from the outer world and concentrate on our inner-selves. The practice of meditation daily can be our savior to release the pressure from the brain and calm down our mind. The benefits of meditation are endless. It influences both our body and mind if we do practice it daily.

Many studies show that the number of meditation practitioners is growing fast. From a national survey in 2007, it is found that 10% of American adults, which are more than 24 million people, do meditation there. This number is a 24% increase compared to the regular meditation practitioners in 2002.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation
What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

What Are The Types Of Mediation?

Meditation is primarily divided into two categories, transcendental and mindfulness.

In transcendental meditation, people sit in a comfortable position and chant a sound or mantra silently. Eventually, the practitioner reaches a state free from any thoughts. He reaches to a world of infinite peace and happiness.

In mindfulness meditation, Zen Buddhist Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction are extremely popular.

Zen Buddhist Meditation: You breathe in a particular manner, focusing on the counting of breath or a particular thought. As you practice it daily, you will become conscious of the present moment.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MSBR): This is very effective in reducing stress and chronic pain. You have to focus on your breathing, both inhalation, and exhalation. As you focus on the breath, all other thoughts will go away from your mind. Another vital aspect of this method involves the scanning of different body parts. You will have to sense the parts of your body through your mind.

Benefits Of Meditation On The Health

People find it useful to combat emotional health like stress, anxiety, depression, anger. And it is equally helpful for various physical ailments like controlling pain and chronic diseases.

Depression associated with fibromyalgia improves:

In a study, it is observed that the women having depression for fibromyalgia improve significantly if they do MSBR for eight weeks, compared to the women who don’t meditate.

Distress related to rheumatoid arthritis is checked:

The pain of rheumatoid arthritis also reduces an eight-week MSBR training followed by a four months maintenance program as the study shows. In six months, they obtain a remarkable result.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation
What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits Of Meditation For Peace Of Mind

Regular meditation brings back the peace of mind that you had lost. For instance, chronic back pain will stop you from lifting heavyweight, sit or lie down in any position, standing in a queue for long hours. It binds your life with limits. These limitations often make us frustrated, reminding us of those kinds of stuff that we can’t do. Regular practice of meditation reduces your pain and also helps you to accept the limitations due to your physical condition.

Your mind will be in peace despite the physical ailments. You will experience the shift of your mindset from a depressed one to the light of positivity.

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